Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bedrooms cont'd

Our bedroom isn't really my favourite room in the house. It's small and cramped and I'm not sure what I was thinking of when I chose the paint colours....but I love my bed, and I love my bird painting, and I love my snuggly little baby boy sleeping next to me. I think one day I will paint it white and it will feel bigger and brighter and more lovely.

The two little bed-jumpers are toby and his best buddy gavin. Gavin's mom has an awesomely cute blog Every little thing

The dresser was a thrift store purchase that I've been intending to paint for a year. It came with the bright turquoise handles and all! Somehow I kind of like them.


  1. gorgeous!! im ur newest follower and loving ur blog!

  2. Dont be so hard on yourself or your design choices. I love this room! And Im drooling over those turquoise throw pillows...did you make them?


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