Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Husband's Hockey Song....PLEASE VOTE

Ok...this is so completely off-topic, ridiculous and crazy, but is there any way some of you lovely ladies would visit this Youtube link and give my husband's song 5 stars??? Pretty please :) :) If he wins, we get $5,000 of free flooring, and I really really want to re-do my basement!!

Youtube Link HERE

I had no idea until just right now that he had even written a song and entered it! How did I miss that?? He made it through to the top 10 finalists! A girl can brag about her husband, right? ;)

To vote, you just have to rate his song on the star rating and it will go through to the tally for the King of Floors.

Thanks so so much!!

These are some pics of Dustin and Toby in downtown Vancouver at the Olympics :)

PS...He's going to have a fit when he sees this post....haha....oh well, so worth it if we win the flooring! ;)


  1. I have to say, I did giggle a little when I heard the song. He seemed so enthusiastic about Hockey and the King of Floors! I gave him 5 stars...hope you get the floor of your dreams!!!

  2. Just on my way to pop over now - how can one refuse when there is flooring involved my dear!! GOOD LUCK:) ~ Tina x

  3. hey tracey i'm not sure which song is his if i click on the link there was no picture are we supposed to vote give me more info so i can enter his know I'mADD so you have to spell it out for me...your blog looks awesome you have a few more folowers than I but I havent invited anybody I know yet the people out there I guess just come on board thru various channels fill me inon what to do with the vote thing...have a great evening..suzanne

  4. This is so funny...ok, ok, I'll do it. Hee, hee :)
    Happy weekend and fingers crossed that you win!

  5. Hey-Will vote! of our goals to get to them...maybe 2012 summer-London. Your hockey fan husband may be interested-my cousins husband is Steve Leach from the Bruins!

  6. I voted...:)

    I love the second photo of him and our little boy...

  7. Way to go guy!! What a wife to be so supportive as well!

    Come and follow I have a great giveaway coming up!

    Art by Karena

  8. You know you would have my vote!!! Anything for new floors my dear. :) Best of luck!


  9. Hmm yummy husband! Mine has a strict "I will divorce you if you post a picture of me on your blog" policy. So I'd better not take any risks...
    Talented husband you have, hope you win the flooring.

  10. your hubby's song rocks!!

    love the olympic pics... i had a blast while they were here!!

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  12. How very cool! I'll head on over there and vote! Good luck!!!!!!!

    :) T

  13. Tracey!

    You did make me giggle! I'm following anyone who manages to make me smile basically...

    Thank you for your sweet comment!! I heart them :)

    Hope you guys win!e


Thank you so much for your comments! I love reading every single one :)

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