Sunday, May 9, 2010

The best mom in the world...

My mom...

(my mom and me)

She is without doubt the best mom in the world. 

If I told you about all that she does, and has done for me, you'd agree. 

(my mom and me)

But for now, just trust me....she's the best. :)

(my mom with my beautiful sister and me at our wedding)

And I love her. 

And I don't tell her that enough.

She's out of town today, so I hope she sees this post :)

(my mom and me when I was pregnant with Finn last year)

Isn't she beautiful? :)

I love you, mom! 



  1. Tracey you Mom IS beautiful!! Loved looking through the photos in this post... they made me smile!!

  2. What a wonderful post about your beautiful Mom. Thanks for sharing. And Happy Mother's Day to you, as well. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Lovely post Tracey................happy mother's day..............hugs from Ria

  4. What a gorgeous trio. Hope you have a lovely Mothers Day:o)

  5. AW Tigg, These pics are GORGEOUS!
    missing mom today for sure, but i think somehow she is having a pretty awesome mothers day with didda in the big smoke! :)

  6. I love your mom too trace :)
    and that first pic when you are a baby with your mom...well, i thought it was finny!!! seriously that is crazy!!

  7. Oh this is such a lovely post Tracey! Your Mum is so beautiful! Wishing you both a wonderful Mothers Day and a fantastic week ~ Tina xx

  8. lovely, and happy mother's day..
    you looked like finn as a baby in that pic!! crazy, as i would never have thought that before now!

  9. Your mum is beautiful and looks like a areally kind lady! :)



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