Monday, May 24, 2010

Dreaming of the South of France...

What is wrong with me?....I can't stop dreaming of France and all things Francais!! 

I'm serious.

I'm plotting plans on how I could convince Dustin to move there...

And then I have to convince all the rest of my family because I couldn't live without them either...

Maybe these pictures will help... :)

This is in one of the many gorgeous little medieval villages (St. Paul de Vence)

And the food......oh the food. 
I will never stop craving the food.

That moon....

Even Toby was adopting the laid-back French lifestyle :)

Then on to Nice......

Toby even found himself a little French lady.....kisses and all.
He was laying it on thick!
 (again with the French lifestyle) ;)

And wakeboarding....what more could you ask for?

I honestly think I was meant to live in France. 

C'mon...why else would my parents have put me in French Immersion all through school? 

Everything about France is just ME. 

Anyone else feel this way? :)

Care to join me?


  1. Tracey.. I've been toying with the idea of moving there for years now.. and I've learnt to speak French too! Maybe one day.. Your images are endearing, they're pure french charm!
    Toby with his Evian is très chic
    xxx Flaviana

  2. Tracey!!! Now I'm going to have France on the brain too! These pictures are beautiful, and seriously, I love your outfits in all of them :) you fit in perfectly in France. I'll start my letter writing campaign to convince your husband you need to move there....or least visit again. Just promise you'll bring me too??


  3. I'll come! My husband works for a French company and he goes to France a few times a year. I have had the chance to tag along a few times, I love everything about that country, the food (chocolate filled croissants-the best), lattes, baguettes filled with cheese and rotisserie chicken, wine and the way the French dress and decorate!

    C'est magnifique.


  4. J'aime la France comme vous Tracey ....OH LA LA LA ..........Pretty Pictures

    J'aime la vie !! and your post today is amazing !!

    Hugs from Ria

  5. I do!!! You can come and visit any day... :)


  6. Beautiful pictures! You look like you should live in France! I would love to go back someday...just wish the flight was not so very long!

  7. Well, I love France to.....I try to give my house and garden a little french twist, but to live there, well I don't know.....but, maybe you can do like me....look for a place really French nearby...look at my post from saterday!!!

    Au revoir!!!


  8. I leave on Thursday - seriously! Thanks for the tip on Saint Paul de Vence. It was on the list of things to see, but now I think it needs to be a priority! Gorgeous!

  9. i see now why you would love to live there looks beautiful and your photo's just wants me to go there too .
    thanks for sharing this amazing place XX

  10. I've never been to France, but I just know I would love it, especailly the countryside. Lovely pictures. I love the photo of your boys on your sidebar by the way.

  11. I'll move with you Tracey! I have never been but I would love to, it looks so lovely!
    Toby is just so gorgeous! What a beautiful family!

  12. My parents sent me to French Immersion too- My husband and I lived in St. Martin for two years- I love all things French- I could never live there-
    Spain, South Africa, Italy.
    Those are my top three- in no particular order.

  13. I would so love to be there too Tracey! Lets just get everyone to do the big move....change is always good :o)

  14. and i think i will have to come too (but you will have to translate for me!)...i love the photo with the , what is that, wicker??? horse! twisty curly beautifulness, whatever it is!

  15. Oooh, such pretty pictures! Thanks for sharing them! My husbands Grandpa is from France, and I have never been so I keep trying to convince him that we NEED to go see where his family came from!! I hope I'll get there one day :)

  16. Although I loved France when I went many years ago, the people were just not very friendly at all. That is the only thing that I did not like. Loved Paris and Versailles. Love & blessings from NC!

  17. This is just torture. I'm nearly as far away from France as Australia! Have been scheming to get there for the last year...hopefully soon.
    Lovely pictures.

  18. Oh, can't write anything, too busy dreaming..... Of France.

  19. Wouldn't it be wonderful? I also have a dream to live in Italy! Those photos of your little man are exquisite.

  20. France has really something magic, and I think that Provence truly puts a spell on you. That's what happened to me as well. And I'm thinking seriusly to spend some time there just like in the movie "A good year". So there's nothing wrong with you, it's France who does so well to your heart and spirit....

    Hope you can make your dream come true someday!! xoxo

  21. Count me in! And what great photos!

  22. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous Tracey! I think you all look more than perfect in that setting!! How cute is your Toby!!~ Tina xx


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