Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Mama...did you know it's Canada's birfday??"

Yes,'re right! :)

Happy Canada Day, to all my fellow Canadians!

We had a fun day today....

Pancake breakfast in our little town, 

Yummy red and white strawberry shortcake,

Live Celtic music from the East Coast,

and dancing......can't forget the dancing :)

(c'mon...can anyone actually stand still while listening to Celtic music?)

Doubt it.

(this little girl was so cute in all the red and white frills...and she was definitely not standing still)

As for Toby, he required a "warm up" all real dancers do. When I was taking these pictures with my zoom lens, he had the cutest little shy look on his face :). 

Gone are the uninhibited public dance shows.....sniff. 

My little boy is growing up.

As for my little Finn....he was having a great time dancing (aka bouncing) with his granddad (mostly known as Didda)

Finny doing what Finny does best...face eating.

Toby loves his Nanny :)  (my mom)

Last week, there was an air show in our little town...this glider was so beautiful! 

Completely quiet and so graceful.

Toby was, of course, very impressed with the airplanes.

Cool dude shades and all :)

My brother, Fraser with his little Fenton....and our Finny :) 

He's a Remax realtor, so he was there manning the booth.

And my lovely sister Shannon, and sister-in-law Dayna... :) 

Also working the Remax booth!

Me with my dad, and little Finny :) 

He's the best dad you could ever have.

Without a doubt.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! 


Happy Fourth of July to all of my American friends!



  1. Ohhhhhh so cute your familly pictures !!! i enjoy see them !!

    Happy time my love.............hugs from me Ria.....

  2. Great pics of what looks like a wonderful family time! I LOVE the picture of your Mom and Toby. They just look totally in love with each other!
    It sounds like you celebrate Canada Day very much like we Americans celebrate the 4th.
    Thanks for sharing the joy!
    PS If you haven't signed up for my little giveaway there's still time!

  3. Looks like fun! I love the little outfits you have them in :) Very cute.

  4. So all the sweet images of your little ones...Happy weekend my friend...try to stay warm..I am sitting here freezing...if only Mr. Sun would come out. xoxo

  5. how fun!! these are great shots. and totally can relate to him calling grandpa didda...for some reason sophia started calling my dad beebop instead of grandpa....haha. at this point what can you do? hehe.


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