Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Currant Jam

I was inspired by my beautiful friend Lindsay yesterday, when she told us that her and Owen (Toby's little buddy) were heading home to make some jam together...

It just doesn't get a lot more "summer" than that!


So...when Toby asked (for the millionth time in about 5 minutes)...

 "So, Momma....what should we do?"

I said "Let's make some jam!"

It just so happened that the cute little red currant bush in our front garden was weighed down with bunches of beautiful translucent red currants! 

Toby had so much fun picking the currants, dressed in nothing but his little undies! :)

He said "Momma...we're such a good team!"


Just look at that bright red colour! 

I can't help but think of all the antioxidants :)
I decided to make red currant jam instead of the traditional jelly, mostly because I can't bear to throw away all the goodness that's in the fruit! (So...I'm just a *little* bit granola....what're you gonna do?)

I sweetened the jam with pear juice and honey (and a little bit of organic sugar), and it's just perfect!

If you're going to do this, you need to use the "No Sugar Needed" Pectin, though.  

For supper, I made bbq'd chicken thighs that I marinated in the red currant jam, as well as some red wine and rosemary from the garden.  I marinated them in the fridge for a half hour, and then popped them on the bbq.

Delish.  Seriously Delish.

There's just something quite nice about making something with fruit/herbs/veggies from your own garden.

I was feeling all old-school.

And I kind of liked it :)


  1. I'm sure your adorable little guy had a great time with you making jam. I would be feeling old school about it too. Love it!

  2. So sweet. Love what he said about you making a good team.

  3. LOVED this ! I wish I was brave enough to make my own jam...I grew up with my Grandparents making jam all the seasons, not just Summer, and I miss the taste and the entire process...but every time I try it just seems so involved I gave up...hmmm makes me want to try again!

  4. Such divine pics... and what a lovely thing to do with a little one! x

  5. Wow, those are some VERY lovely pics! Mmm, I bet that's yummy!

  6. Tracey these pics are GORGEOUS!! Glad you had such a good time

  7. Soooo pretty! and sooo cute!
    I so need to get my raspberry jam made. xoxoxo

  8. OH my word tigg! i just went and searched safeway for blackcurrant jam( as i am missing ireland and craving it on toast with i always eat at granny's!) anyways.. never tried red currant tho! u got any extra?!
    will trade blackcurrant..
    ps. jam trumps jelly ANYDAY

  9. What a sweet project for the two of you. That jam looks yummy! Was it easy to make? Do you have a recipe you'd share? My mom made homemade jams and jellies growing up and they were so delicious. Nothing beats homemade.

  10. So cute your little son helping with making jam......nice !! it looks very tasty !!! have a nice Ria.....

  11. seriously??!! how cute are you...i had to mentally prep myself for days to do a project like that with owen!!! i love how on the fly you are! did i mention that halfway through our jam, i discovered we only bought half what we needed? and then i had to run around ladner like a loonie looking for local strawberries at 7? ha ha, but mission accomplished. we will trade you a jar! but...our jam is the old fashioned full-o-sugar kind.
    from, your beautiful friend lindsay (hee hee)
    PS owen loves the pic of tobes in his undies :)

  12. Yum! I love your "old-fashioned-ness"! Homemade trumps all!

  13. Tracey, I love love love the colours in these pictures - just gorgeous! And you are a total Martha Stewart to be able to spur of the moment make jam, with a little boy, AND photograph it. Toby is little guy Ben likes to hang out in his undies too :)


  14. I think my heart just melted when he said,"we make a good team". Your photography in this post is beautiful. I love the tourquise and red together. Oh, and you inspired me to make jam...

  15. it looks wonderful!! yumm, the chick sounds amazing too!!
    made a little link to your blog from my recent post..aaaand, i found something for you this week...can u get together soon?

  16. What beautiful pictures! and such a handsome boy. Tobes looks so adorable (as always).


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