Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All the fun of summer....

Oh what fun we had!

I mean, just look at those smiling faces! :)

I'm not gonna lie.....there are times when I was literally tearing my hair out....

but amidst all the chaos of life with these two little boys....

there's fun. Lots of fun.

One of the boys' favourite activities.....the jeep.

"Finny thinks he's a big boy" said Toby.

hehe...I know someone else who think he's a big boy too ;)

Every morning, Mr. Toby has to do a once-over to check what Dada's wearing before he gets dressed for the day...

Grey "bumpy" shorts....check

Black T-shirt....check

Aren't they cute? :)

And matching wheelbarrows full of firewood for mama :)

This was a big month in our house...

Toby learned to ride a "big boy" bike without training wheels!

(We credit the "running bike" that he's been riding for the past six months...he just hopped on the pedal bike without training wheels and was riding it in under 2 minutes. Definitely recommend the running bike for teaching them to balance)

He's so proud of himself......and pretty much a pro at it now.

AND....our little Finn learned to walk!! 

He took his first steps about 6 weeks ago (9 months) and has been walking full time for about 3 weeks now. 

Things are pretty crazy around here!

This was Finny's favourite summer fun.....

An IKEA plastic box.

Who could resist climbing in? :)

Especially when it's just your size...

And who could resist the bare bum/bunny picture.....heehee! (he can kick my butt when he's older) :)

This is Bunny Bob.

He likes to dig.

And the boys LOVE him!

We found a doggy.

He was trying to run into the we brought him home.

We found his owners and they were so relieved!

The boys looooved him.


Maybe one day we'll get a dog. 

Last weekend, we were at my beautiful friend Astrid's wedding!!!

It was such a fun day!

Isn't she gorgeous? :)

They are so contagiously happy and perfect together!

And we danced.....

My handsome Dus....and me :)

The best parents in the world....and me :)

So there you have it.....a little bit of our summer.

And, as fun as it was....I'm excited for fall.

Crisp mornings walks, snuggly evenings by the fire, fall clothes.....that sort of thing :)

We're off to Ontario to see back in 10 days!


  1. wow!...wonderful time to go to Ontario...fall colours!...
    I think the wedding was @ Minter Gardens!..
    Well glad to see your boys sweet faces...& one cute butt!.....Have fun!

  2. Such cute pictures. Loved the first one with the boys in the jeep. It makes me laugh looking at them laughing. What a summer full of great memories.

  3. Great photos of the family Tracey. Have fun on holidays.

  4. What cute pics, Tracey! LOL! I felt like I spent the summer with you via your photos! Sweet!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  5. Beautiful and lovely family pictures!

    Have a great holday!

    xxx Rozmeen

  6. your boys are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! The grow so fast, look at him riding his bike!!!! And all smiles in all the other pictures(I know, there were tears also;)).
    Sounds like a wonderful summer, let fall kick in!!!
    Enjoy your time in O.


  7. What a lovely post !!! i am glad i read nice and sweet your kids.......and beautiful pictures from you and your familly......enjoy your Ria...

  8. Beautiful family, loved the bunny butt ones:)


  9. Awesome pictures. Love the wheelbarrow one!

  10. OH MY GOODNESS...the bunny butt picture has to be the best baby bottom picture I have ever seen! If it were my baby I would totally frame it and put it up in the you said, he can kill you later! haha. so cute.

  11. What lovely photos, thanks for sharing your family pics with us!!


  12. you look every so gorge at the wedding!! and guess what coles fav thing this summer was? yep, climbing in and out of a shallow rubbermaid full of water...clothes, diaper and all! do we have another two boys who are exactly the same!?
    have fun in ont!!

  13. Your photos are adorable...your family is so cute...xoxo


Thank you so much for your comments! I love reading every single one :)

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