Thursday, October 14, 2010

A year ago today...

I looked like this...

(well, this was taken at 36 weeks, but you get the idea...)

I packed on a lot of pounds in the last month, so it's probably better we keep those pictures under wraps 

After an amazing 3 and a half hour labor (I know, right?! Thank you wonderful midwives!), our crazy-huge 10 lb 6 oz baby Finn came into the world!

All chubby and soft and gorgeous.

(note to all moms-to-be out there.....a bigger baby does NOT mean a harder labor...thank goodness for that. Our bodies are amazing!)

These are the pictures of Toby meeting Finn for the first time. 

I still get all teary-eyed when I look at them. 

He was completely in love with his little can see it in his cute little face :)

The top left picture below was the very first moment he saw him. I love it.

This one just says it all :)

And he's growing up wayyy too fast for my liking.

I'm one of those "clingy" know the type......the ones who never want to let their babies grow up. I'm not going to deal well when they go off to school.....or leave home.....oh my....I can see myself already. 

Our little Finny is such a bundle of joy. He's a giggly, smiley, easygoing little man.

I mean, c'mon....just look at that little face :)

I really can't believe a year has gone by this quickly.  It's hard to imagine what life was like before our little Finny! 

"He's our little guy. And we love 'im" (Toby said today)

Happy Birthday, little man!

(We had a super fun party on Saturday.....more details soon)


  1. Happy birthday to baby AND mama!

    You were a stunning pregnant lady, and so glad to hear you had a wonderful labour. I too had a midwife with my last one and it was quick and a great experience. And I totally agree that our bodies can do pretty amazing things, we just gotta trust them to do their thing :)

    Enjoy every minute with your cuties!


  2. Aww, what a sweet post! I love all of your photos, especially those with your boys meeting for the first time. Happy birthday and have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. happy birthday finny!!!

    the photos are so amazing! good job on the post pretty lady!
    ps.cant wait to see the b-day party photos!


  4. Happy Birthday to your lil man! He sure is a cutie and I agree they grow up way too fast. I'm right there with that too clingy thing :)

  5. What sweet photos! You were just adorable a year ago - as was little Finny! The pics of little Toby with him are just waay to cute!

    xoxo laurie

  6. ohhh, lot's of tears over here reading this post! so many memories...this year has flown by! happy birthday to little finnie from his buds molly & lucy!

  7. Gorgeous post...cutest photo's i've ever seen.loving the picture of the brothers meeting for the first
    time{bought a tear to my eye}.Happy birthday to the spunky man XX

  8. O sweet sweet......congratulations darling !! you have beautiful kids !! nice post !! love love love Ria....

  9. Happy birthday Finny...what a his chubby cheeks..

  10. Oh Finny! I was thinking about you all day! Hope you had an awesome day. Love, Ali, Greg, Seb and Sander.

  11. sniff sniff!!! those brother pics are the best. buddies for life!!
    happy brithday to finny from his pals owen and hannah. we had such a fun time at the party and can't wait to see the photobooth shots!

  12. Did you hear all of my ohhhhs and ahhhs and oh wow's over the internet. Well they were definitely there. Beautiful gorgeous boys. I had a ten pounder too - two of them actually. One C section and the last one natural. My last one was the easiest birth ever. We almost didn't make it to the hospital.
    Fabulous pictures that tell an amazing story. Congrats

  13. Oh, happy belated birthday to your sweet Finn. I hope that you ALL had a lovely day. Such a lovely post and gorgeous photos!! ~ Tina xx

  14. ...oh my the most beautiful very sweet..what beautiful boys you have!

  15. Oh they are both sooooo adorable!!! I hope he had a good birthday :)


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