Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Advent Calendar Garland

So...I made a little advent garland for the boys...

Before you're didn't have the time to sew each and every little mitten and stocking :)

I found them at a store called Jysk for $1 each. 

How on earth could you justify making them for that?

I know...I's much better to buy handmade!......

Or simply make it yourself....

But this mama just does not have enough hours in the day.

What I *did* do was cut out the felt numbers (I thought of buying the stick on variety, but I could only find them in packet sets, and I would have had to buy about 4 packs to get enough 1's!!)

I just cut them out freehand... threw out the ones that looked completely awful...and hot glued the ones that were somewhat readable.

I kind of like how the numbers look handmade and sort of "kiddish" :)

Then I strung up some twine and attached the little mittens, etc with clothes pins.

That way, I can hang them up high (where little desperately sneaking hands cannot reach!), and just take down the pouch each day to get the goodies out.

It works in theory.

I'll keep you posted on the advent raiding.

Now I just have to fill them all :) I've been stocking up for the last couple of weeks, so I'm getting there. 

I've been feeling like I wanted to start some little holiday traditions for our family, so this is a start :)

Anyone else thinking of doing an advent calendar?


  1. This is adorable. Perfect!

  2. Great idea!!! LOVE it

  3. The advent banner is so cute and creative...Love it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Oh how I love this! This has to be one of the cuteset Advent calendars Ive seen this year :0)

  5. Love it! My cousin made me a quilted advent calendar that I use, its a bit homey looking but that what holiday decorating is for me, homespun:)
    Missed you at our lunch in September, hopefully you'll make the next gathering:)

  6. Now you've inspired me to do an advent calender this year - 30s not too old for one is it?! Yours looks much more appealing than those cardboard varieties bet the kids find a way to climb up and sneak a peek they look too good to resist.

  7. I used to do a similar garland for my boys when they were smaller. They stll want it - let's see! I guess you necer get too old for christmas treats!

  8. Love it!...adorable...very creative & smart!

  9. This is brilliant and very creative. I saw your comment today about how your toy monkey was returned to you, all the way from England, and came here to say hi.

  10. Adorable. Adorable!

    I shared it on my Tatertots and Jello FB page and linked to you :)


  11. The only Jysk store I know if is in Sweden...
    The calendar is adorable, but I have to ask if you are Swedish...
    (we have lived there a couple x's)

  12. Adorable! I'm sharing this on my facebook page, pirates-n-princesses

  13. This was featured today over at Today's Top Twenty! I'd love if you stopped by! :)


  14. Very cute...we do one too...every year I find new cute socks to hang and I fill everyday with a different treat...will post about it soon. xoxoxo Hugs

  15. so cute...i am only seeing this now! i need to send you the photos of your b-day...!
    we put up our tree tonight and i strung up my garlands too...altho i didnt think about an advent clever, you are!

  16. This is darling!! I love it hung in front of your turquoise pics!! Too cute!! Can't wait to see what you put in them!! Have a fab week!

  17. this is super cute!!! now if I only had one of those stores nearby... :)

  18. saw this while searching ideas for next year's advent calendar. Sooo cute I had to pin it! ;)

  19. Nice post mate, keep up the great work, just shared this with my friendz October Calendar 2018 Template


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