Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A furry monster and his tiger sidekick throw a Halloween party!

Baby Costumes from CostumeCity.Com

So we threw a little Halloween party....

Did I mention that we're kind of party animals?


If party animals are in bed most nights before 9pm, that is ;) (and that's the adults in the family)

I added a few more hairy creatures to the mantel. Our little Finn loved it!

Oh...and rats. Toby is obsessed with rats.

And a few little bats that Toby and I made one day, while Finn was napping. 

Toby was better at making them than I was.

So, my wonderful friends were all asking what they could bring to the party, and I was like "Don't bring a thing...I'm just keeping it very simple"...hehe.....well, I *thought* I was keeping it simple until I got it all set out on the table :)


It all looks very complicated...but it really wasn't. I promise.

I made caramel/chocolate dipped apples...which I then sprinkled with coconut and dipped in crushed Reeses Pieces, etc. The spider crackers were Boursin cheese between Ritz crackers, with little pretzel legs hanging out the sides (Dayna came over before the party and helped me make those!). I made "witche's fingers"....they turned out really dry, unfortunately, but they looked spooky :). I also made chocolate haystack cookies (my fave!) and added white chocolate chips on top for fun. I cut up some string cheese to look like fingers and octopi (is that a word?)....I added a little cream cheese on the end to stick down the sliced almond fingernail.  We had some punch with plastic spiders floating in it...and that was about it. 

My little Tiger, eyeing up the food.

 As Tigers do.

So.....let me explain the wreath. 

I feel like I need to explain it.

Since it looks like something the cat dragged in. ;)

Toby and I made this wreath last year, just after Finny was born. It was our first little momma and Toby alone time :). He loved it so much, and just kept adding all sorts of feathers and bits of stuff. It was all I could do to sort of keep it orangey. :) 

This year, we added some cobwebs and crows.  I think it will evolve each year.

I like little traditions.

I like how every time I come home and see our front door, it reminds me of my little 2 and a half year old boy, who was so excited to spend time with me on his own :)

So....here are the hosts.

One "scary, but not too scary, and kind of cute very furry monster with four horns" (as requested by said 3 year old) 

and one small roaring tiger.

Have you ever tried to find a monster costume?

I should never have asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween! What was I thinking??

Anyways....I got me some black faux fur, a little bright green felt and my trusty glue gun...and went to work. 

I wasn't sure how it would hold up, not being stitched together and all, but it was perfect!! Stronger than an ox. Seriously.....I messed up one part, and tried to pull it apart, but ended up having to cut it off because it just wasn't going to come apart. 

ANyways....after about 50 bad glue gun burns, I had a very happy little furry monster :)

As for the tiger, I ordered this costume online and was sorely disappointed when it arrived.
It was thin and cheap and shiny.


So....I found an old quilted baby blanket and used it to make my little tiger a little "chubbier" looking.  I also had to sew the head piece to make it fit, since it was too huge and kept falling down over his eyes.

After all was said and done, he was cute as a button....cheap costume and all. :)

The guests arrived......our house was full of cute little zebras and pumpkins and ladybugs. Not to mention fairies and puppies and pirates and firemen and cupcakes. Oh and the cutest little skeleton you've ever seen.

This is a "dirty bad pirate" (as he referred to himself).

Turns out the dirty bad pirate was afraid of the black furry monster.

Poor little pirate.

And yes...that's me.

Toby wouldn't get into the photo unless I was there, so there I am. The "most beautiful ballerina princess in the whole world" (says Toby), sitting up with the kids, looking like a dork.

I love dressing up, so really, I don't care if I look dorky.

The little pirate and furry monster were bribed with chocolate dipped gummy worms for this picture at the right. It totally worked :)

Little Fenton was the cutest zebra ever. Hands down.

Isn't Molly's cupcake costume adorable? And have you ever seen a little ladybug look quite this cute?

Look at the booties! :)

Need I say anything?

A boy in his GLORY!

I always look forward to lighting the pumpkins. 

Isn't there something so magical about jack o lanterns?

Love them!

One curious little tiger who just simply couldn't stay away!

Toby was completely in love with trick or treating this year. 

This is a boy who doesn't get much junk food.

Can you tell? ;)

All in all.......lots of fun was had!

Hope you all had a great Halloween too!!


  1. Oh my goodness, what an awesome post! I absolutely loooooove everything!!! Great decor, super fun food and look at all the cuties in their costumes! Even the pretty ballerina ;) Thank you so much for all of the time you spent sharing this with us. Nice job and lots of great inspiration.

  2. ...always so happy to see you have posted!
    WOw your Halloween Party brings back memories!...You did an amazing job!..yummy food and great decor!..your boys are adorable!...woozers!
    p.s. are you going to the event in south Surrey?...on sat & sun?...go to A Day in the Country ..or lalaland...sounds like fun!

  3. Sooo Cute! Everything looks so fun and festive. My little guys and I would have loved to have gone to a party like that. Good Job!

  4. Looks great! Dressing up a baby for Halloween is so much fun!

  5. so sad that we couldnt make the party...looks like so much fun! great food and decor...oh yes, we made the same bats, unbeknownst...no, not surprised at all!! ;)
    next week is totally fine for the GNO...you get that bubs feeling better soon!

  6. oh, and i meant to say...thank you SOOO much for the fabulous way you have of making me feel really good about all the things i do in my very "ordinary" life. i do so wish ever so much that i didnt have to work full time...then i could stay at home with the kids and be crafty all the time. i guess i can live vicariously thru you whenever i need to! :)

  7. if you have time drop by for info re Barn sale this weekend!

  8. wow. just stumbled upon your blog b/c the name of it is so darn cute. at first i was like ooooohhh...what cuteness have i found? and then i was like ooooohhhhh...what have i been missing :(. new follower here! xo

  9. i adored this post!!! so impressed with the monster costume it's awesome. what a great party too! i seriously want to be friends with you in real life.. haha, so fun and creative. but i'll settle with blog world friends, ;)


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