Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mini Vintage Winter Wonderland

On one of our little thrift shop outings a few weeks ago, Toby spotted a little bag full of miniature "vintagey" trees and people.

Of course, he just HAD to have it.....and really....call me a pushover, but sometimes it's just not worth the battle.

Especially when said baggie full of miniature treasures is a mere $0.25!

So......with a little help from my trusty glue gun, I set up a little winter wonderland....

And both of my boys love it!

Even more surprising is the fact that's it's still intact after a whole week or so!

ps....I went a little crazy with picnik :) Just couldn't resist a little "snow".

I don't know about you, but I love little miniature villages and winter "scenes".

Something kind of magical and nostalgic about them.

Despite their tacky vibe.

Anyways.....just a little peek at Toby's "little people", as he calls them :)

My mom just got back from 6 weeks in Ireland, and the boys (and me) are so excited to have her back!
She was so kind today as to look after them this morning while I did some Christmas shopping...SOLO!

I honestly don't know how to shop alone anymore. I'm constantly looking around for the stroller and taking the route that doesn't pass the play area (because once they spot it, that's game over for any shopping). Ridiculous.:)


  1. I think that is so sweet and can't believe you got it all for .25. It's adorable how you've put the "little people" scene together on the cake plate. Very fun!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous... what a find!

  3. That is so sweet! Love how you put it together. My son is has got me to collect Nutcrackers, funny how our boys can influence our decor!

  4. How sweet! Did you get the trees with the people too?

  5. CUTE!!!!! I love the fact that your kiddos wanted to buy them and make a little village! They did such a great job setting it all up - and the price doesn't get much better than that! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Love it! So cute.
    Ps - love how warm & festive your home looks!
    : )

  7. Toby has a very good "eye"...and I love what you did with the bag full of Christmas! fun!

  8. Wishing you a happy Christmas eve.

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