Friday, December 31, 2010

Recap for life in "projects" :)

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by!

My "baby" isn't a  baby anymore....he's a full blown 14 month old, running, climbing, dancing, singing toddler.

And my "big boy" is feeling very grown up to me these days....riding a big boy bike without training wheels and informing me about "blasting caps" and how roads are built. (Seriously have you EVER heard of a blasting cap?)

I mean, he *is* 3, you know ;) 

I'm one of those moms who clings to the present, and doesn't want my boys to grow up too fast....but the days all blur into weeks and months and before you know it, a year has gone by!

But it was a good year :)

Full of fun and giggles.

And...well...a few little projects that keep me feeling like there's a little bit of "me" left in there ;)

The first change I made to our home this year was adding the white slipcovers...

still love this fresh, airy look :)

This little memo board is still hanging on our kitchen door, covered in so many memories...I love it!

 The white chair slipcovers completely changed the look of our dining room...they *almost* hide the hideous IKEA table ;)  (Don't get me wrong...I love ikea...just not this table)

 After I started making changes in the dining room, I spotted this little beauty at the thrift shop and gave it a quick coat of paint. Still loving it!

 This gilt mirror just suits our home so much better now that it's white..

 And once I start craving a feeling of spring in our home, this pink camellia will find its home on the living room mantel once again.

The "T-shirt" covered cabana striped bench sits in our front entry.  It's perfect for holding my way too big purse :)

I'm still somewhat in love with stripes. This little half-moon table is where our laptop sits at the end of our couch.

This little bedside cabinet is completely stuffed full of books now....Finny's favourite place to sit down and make a big mess :)

 I gave the front entry a little makeover and didn't want to spend money on a light fixture, so I somehow managed to string this one together with a few odds and ends. (Not sure if I'd ever be able to reproduce it, tho) ;)

 More stripes....this little table spent the summer out on our back patio....a perfect spot for setting my Limonata, I might add.

 I'm so glad I finally decided to paint our bedroom. I still love how uplifting it is to wake up in a bright and breezy bedroom.

 I honestly don't know what I did before this dresser came to live with us. It is crammed full of craft supplies, story books (yes, we have a lot of books in our home), my sewing machine, etc etc. Definitely my most useful project to date, I'd say. And I love the sometimes spends a little time on our mantel, where it's the perfect backdrop for holiday decor :)

Then we got started on holiday decorating...a little Halloween decor...

With a crazy kiddies Halloween party thrown in :)

A yarn ball wreath that sort of inspired a Scandinavian themed Christmas

 The Advent garland was a huge hit with the boys. After a few days, even little Finny knew the drill and would run to the rug and sit down waiting for the surprise :)

Our Christmas mantel...

And we can't forget the birthday parties :)

Toby's Rocket party...


Finny's Circus party...

And a little pink baby shower somewhere in there...

haha...and I wonder why the year went by so fast? :)

Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies out there for your kind comments and encouraging, inspiring, "make me feel good" words. I appreciate each and every one of them.

I hope you have a very happy and wonderful 2011 !


  1. It was a GREAT year my friend. Your home is always a treasure trove of inspiration. Here is to many more of wonderful projects in 2011. :)


  2. Happy New Year Tracey! Love your projects and talent! I must get a few photo tips from you. Hoping you can come to our next bloggers get together!

    Your sewing machine fits in the dresser? I have to find something like that!

  3. Hi tracey, what a busy year you have had; no wonder it went passed to quickly! I love all of your projects, you paint everything so well, its so inspiring to see that! Have a really wonderful 2011, cant wait to see more of your projects!
    laura c xx

  4. thanks for sharing all the great projects and memories Tracy! Hugs and blessings! ~Cheryl

  5. Tracey - it's been such a blessing for me tonight to visit my friends' blogs and see how far they have traveled on their journeys in the past year. I can't tell you how glad I am that I started blogging! What a wonderful supportive and inspiring community! I love what you did with all the white in your sweet home - and that little distressed striped half table is just adorable! Happy New Year, friend - and I'm looking forward to getting to know you even better in the coming year! xoxo laurie

  6. Love all of your makeovers throughout the year and decorating! I love their bday parties, you are so creative. I'm right there with you on the kids growing up way too fast. I'm that mom that pretty much will prob. never want my kids to move out, lol.
    Happy New Year to you and the boys!

  7. you had a very productive year! your house looks truly amazing in each and every photo!
    Happy New Year! xoxo
    (I also wondered about the sewing machine in the dresser! are some of the drawers decoys for a cupboard or something!?)

  8. You certainly have accomplished a lot in 2010! I just love the paint colours throughout your home they all meld together perfectly. I've saved your chandelier in my favourites when I first saw it some time ago as I want to make one like it, something for the 2011 list maybe!

  9. what a wonderful year you have had! i have enjoyed all of your projects and love your colors. look forward to more in 2011!

  10. I'm happy to have found your blog! Your home is beautiful and I enjoy seeing all of your projects. You were kind enough to tell me where you found your great Scandinavian stockings and I did find a few this year. You inspired me with your fun red Christmas decor! I did a little Scandinavian theme this year. I wish you a wonderful 2011 filled with good health and happiness.

  11. Happy New Year to you and yours Tracey! I love all of your fab projects, will have to go back and look through some of the ones I have missed!!
    Nancy xo

  12. Happy New had a wonderful year...loved looking back with you through the pictures!

  13. Love to look back, your home is gorgeous!!!
    Happy New year to you and your family!

  14. Oh wow!! Your home is absolutely gorgeous!! The colors are so soothing and beautiful, and you did a lot of awesome projects this year!
    I'm your newest follower! :)

  15. i've just found your blog and i absolutely adore your home!! my husband and i have just about finished extending our home, and i can't wait to get in and style it!! we have very similar tastes! :)

  16. Stumbled across your blog on a link party - love your painted furniture! I noticed your painted white fireplace....I have an ugly orangish brick one that my hubby won't let me touch. :-( Did you do the paint black hearth as well?


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