Sunday, January 23, 2011

Salted Chocolate Caramels for Valentine's Day, Anyone??

So, I made some chocolate dipped caramels.

And I can't stop eating them.

And everyone I've given them to can't stop eating them either.

Oh my. 

What have I started? ;)

well.....I've decided to start a little sweets business, that's what. One that involves yummy treats and cute packaging.

And here you have it....

GIGGLE SWEETS online store is NOW OPEN!

Chocolate-dipped Salted Caramels....made with organic sugar and mineral-rich Ancient Sea Salt.

As for these salted caramel bars.....they're *meant* for sharing....and cutting off little caramels one at a time.

But I'm not going to tell anyone if you happen to polish one off all by yourself ;)

Can't say it hasn't happened once or twice.

They get wrapped in soy-wax paper, with an outer layer of eco-friendly parchment paper. Then finished off with a striped paper band and chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon.

If you think you'd have more control with the individually-wrapped caramels....then these are the ones for you :)

They come wrapped in eco-friendly parchment paper, held together with a pink striped paper band, and tied with twine.

Do you have a special Valentine? 

I'm pretty sure they'd be tickled pink if some treats arrived at their door! ;)

Stay posted for a yummy GIVEAWAY very soon!!

In the meantime, pop on over to my little store, if you're craving something sweet!


  1. They look beautiful and yummy Tracey...I just ordered some and will be waiting by the mailbox..hehe! ~Deb~

  2. These look so yummy! I bought the same scrapbook paper and have been making Valentines out of it for my oldest daughter... Aja

  3. Hi Tracey,

    Your store is looking lovely! I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated for a Stylish Blogger award... I always love visiting your blog to check out your gorgeous posts. Please see my blog for details

    Angela x

  4. Hello,
    How exciting and congratulations! Can't wait to order tomorrow morning. Love the pretty packaging.


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