Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just another winter's day at our house...

I am done with winter.

Seriously done.

And we've had a very mild winter (as usual) here in Vancouver.

But still.....in my perfect world, winter would come into town around Dec. 1st, just in time for me to get all cozy and ready for Christmas, and then would simply disappear around New Year's day, and turn sunny and warm for the rest of the year.

Sound good?


Nevertheless...we make do with indoor "activities" on rainy/gross days...

There's nothing quite like a laundry hamper for some real, down-home fun, right? :)

Seriously...these boys could play "gophers", or "skunks", or "dragons" in there for hours. 

But we lucked out this week with some sunny days!

The boys were every bit as excited as I was to get out in the sun. (Even if it *was* only 8 deg celc)

We'll take what we can get!

Here's my little hazel-eyed Finn :)

And my blue-eyed Toby boy.

It honestly makes all of the somewhat stressful, out of control days worthwhile when I see my two little monkeys playing so nicely together. 

They actually really and truly play together now and it's so cute I could die!

This is a very typical "I'm watching my big brother, and trying to figure out how to do what he's doing" look :)

And then the evenings....

they can get a little wild.

Haha.....before 7 pm, that is ;) (our kids are early to bed/early to rise types)

This "do a header over the back of the couch and come up grinning" game is always a hit.

(don't worry....they are NOT landing on the floor!...there's a padded bench seat on the other side, with a very fluffy sheepskin that they land on)

So...there you have it....a typical winter day around here.

Sorry for the boring post, and the lack of any awesome creative inspiration around here...

But I'm up to my ears in salted caramel.....finally got www.gigglesweets.com up and running!

Keep posted for two awesome giveaways in the next week or so! 



  1. Tracey your boys are scrumptious! Had a peek at your new site and it's really really lovely. Wishing you great success on your venture! Given the drool that is produced whenever I see pictures of those yummy salted caramels, I know you will do very well indeed ;)

    Kerrisdale Design Inc

  2. i cannot believe how much finny has changed since i last saw him!! such a big boy now!!

    can we get the kids together someday soon!? i have 2 weeks off in march...

    and just peeked at giggle sweets shop!! WOW looks awesome, good luck!!!

  3. So sweet your two boys in the box !! hahahah!! lovely day love Ria....xxx

  4. I am seriously done with winter too. I stupidly thought with the gorgeous weather on the weekend, that spring was here. I washed up all my mittens and berets to put away for next winter, only to pull them on again today! Oh well, at least the beret is cute!

    I too love your new site... and the logo is adorable.

    Best of luck to you, Donna

  5. Love these pictures and love seeing them best buddies. It's the best watching and hearing them giggling everyday! My girls play together now as well and it is the cutest thing ever :)

  6. They are both so cute!! Finn looks so grown up now.

  7. This post is great! They sound similar to my two boys (almost 2 and almost 5)and a cardboard box. They are starting to play together now too and it really is a joy to watch. Love the pics of your boys!

    I'll be sure to check out your giggle sweets shop, I got a major sweet tooth!

  8. Oh your boys are adorable and full of life!
    I am off to see giggle sweets!
    This may be Of interest to you May 28th..Clayburn Historic Village
    A fun market!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful photography! I love looking at your blog!

    Angela x
    Wicker & Stitch
    Mama & The Monkey

  10. I'm with you! Your boys are too cute really. Now that you said it I am going to be craving salted caramel add day long:)

  11. I AM WITH YOU 100%, Tracey!!! One month of cold, snowy, dark, dreary days is enough for me, too. We still have 8" of snow on the ground! So I loved seeing the grass in your backyard. :) Your little monkeys are just adorable!!! Nothing better than brotherly love! ♥

    xoxo laurie


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