Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Vintage "Chair/Table" Makeover it's been WAYYYy too long since I've done any sort of furniture makeover.

I'm sure most of you are wondering what on earth I've been up to....

Or not.

And really, I've just been busy with life. 

Life with two little boys, and one big boy.

And honestly, I don't know where the days go. They fly on by, filled with park visits and Candyland (yes...that game from the 80s! or was it 90s?), building rockets and temper tantrums (when said rockets are promptly destroyed by little brothers who wake up just a little bit too soon from their naps).

That sort of thing:)

But....somehow.....I did manage to fit in a little project. And honestly, it was kind of therapeutic. 

This chair was a bit of a castaway.....someone didn't want it anymore, and they thought I might like it :) I *that* obvious? 


Anyways.....I wish I'd remembered to take a before picture, but I was just simply too excited to get started on a long-overdue project, that I completely forgot. give you an idea, this chair here is probably my chair's cousin....from the "corporate" world ;) wasn't exactly my cup of tea.

So....I mixed up a little light grey paint ( usual....added a little teensy bit of black to my white latex), and rolled it on.

I recovered the seat with a cabana-striped fabric that I found at Fabricana (local store in Richmond, BC), and I'm so happy I chose this one! (thanks, Dayna!) I was deliberating over whether to go with something busier and a little less "me", but alas, a stripe girl I am, and a stripe girl I'll be :)

So sue me.

It's sort of a funny little chair, with its built-in table and all. I wasn't sure where to put it, and am still considering selling it. Dustin doesn't think we *need* another chair in the house. 

But when is it actually ever a case of *needing*. 

Really.'s currently sitting in our living room, beside the fireplace, and I think it might be here to stay.

Although, our little Finn just discovered it today, and he's a crazy climbing-obsessed 15 month old, and the chair might become a bit of a hazard. We'll see.

So, here I am, happily taking photos....and...

In comes the deadly duo.....

"Baby Skunk" number one (yes..I said's what we ARE these days...apparently...a small skunk family, who live in a nest in the living room). I happen to be the mama skunk. 

Oh my.

And his trusty sidekick....."Baby Baby Skunk"

On his "Wheely Cow"....and let me tell you, he'd deadly fast on that little thing.

Game over.

Will have to make do with whatever pictures I've got. 

The photo shoot has been interrupted by a whirlwind of craziness....also known as Tobes and Finny :)

So there you have it.

A little project....and a little piece of my daily life.

And right now, my two little angels are fast asleep...

I've finished my Giggle Sweets caramel batch for the evening...

and I'm going to have an early night! :)



  1. Great Job!...Love the stripes!...Your young boys are adorable!

  2. I love the makeover of the chair! Beautiful color!
    The little ones are just adorable!

  3. um, wow. this is fantastic. good work! you really are so good... no wonder why it's obvious. : ) beautiful kids. your pictures are great. i'm obsessed with photography right now, so i paid extra close attention to all the beauty!

  4. LOVE it... I'm so impressed you managed to find the time in the first place, let alone doing such an incredible job - it looks stunning!

    I've just started another blog - Mama & The Monkey - pop on over for a peek when you get the chance

    Have a lovely weekend with your gorgeous family.

    Angela x
    Wicker & Stitch

  5. Love the chair & love the work you did on it! Its just gorgeous! Great job!

  6. It was great meeting you on Saturday. I totally remember having a chair/desk combo like that in our front hall when I was a kid. You don't see them anymore. You did a really good job on it...Carol

  7. Love the chair, the kids are the icing on the cake. New follower from the design and lifestyle facebook group. I love your etsy shop.

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