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A Dragon Birthday Party ! (part 1)

I can't believe my little Toby boy is 4! 

Why does time have to fly by so quickly? I snuggled him in bed tonight before he went to sleep, and he said "Momma...I'm glad that I'm four now, but I'd really like to be 21" . HAH! 

Slow down, Tiger!! 

I am NOT ready for that yet!

But for now....he's into dragons. In a big way.

I mean, I should say he IS a dragon. 

But just a "pretty fierce one...not too scary because I wouldn't want to scare Fenton" (his little cousin) :)

So....of course we had to have a dragon party.

Was there ever any question? I'm in wayyy too deep with the parties now to ever NOT have one!

Good thing I kind of love getting ready for them :)

Here's the invitation that went out, made in Picnik, with a picture of my very fierce dragon doing his best ROAR!!

Toby wanted "real dragons" at his real dragons we had!

I mean, really....what's a dragon party without the dragons?

Oh and the princesses of course. I was informed that there was going to be no girl dragons at the party, only beautiful princesses ;)

So, I found some plain green hoodies at H&M, and added little spikes/horns/wings/tails, and there you have it....DRAGONS!

The two little princesses had tutus, princess hats and magic wands :)

They were a little fiddly to sew, but totally worth it since I now can get my two little dragons to put their "coats" on without any sort of a fuss! We tend to cause a bit of a commotion in malls and grocery stores, as the two dragons arrive, but they love the attention and I find that when they're "in character" it's much easier to get them to behave nicely! Dragons are much more well-behaved than little boys ;) 

Who knew!!?

I kept the decorations pretty simple.

Toby had the idea that we should make dragons that were flying around the ceiling...and I thought "Why not?" 

I just sort of freehanded/cut out construction paper dragons and tied them to helium balloons. I thought the paper would be light enough to stay up with a few balloons, but I ended up having to use a few push pins in the ceiling because the dragons were flying a little too low ;)

I made a felt banner with a sort of "medieval" look to it... 

The cake was a lot of fun to make. I sort of made it like this one, but changed/added a few things.

It was actually pretty easy to do. A little tricky with the icing, but not too bad. I did a "crumb coat" first, and I think that helped. I used fondant for the spikes/feet/horns/fire/hat, and fruit rollups for the wings. Licorice allsorts worked well for the eyes :)

He was actually pretty cute :)

We put the candles in his mouth, to give the "breathing fire" effect. Judging by the look on Toby's face, I think it was a success! 

I made white-chocolate (well, um..I guess it was green chocolate) dipped marshmallow pops for a little treat to take home.

I tried to make them look like dragons, and ok...they really don't look like dragons...but the kids didn't care :)

I basically just jabbed a marshmallow with a stick, then dipped it in the green chocolate, shoved on a little parchment paper mini-cupcake liner,  and waited for it to cool off/harden. Then I added three little spikes, and some eyes (dipping them in the chocolate to make them stick).

I put them in little cellophane bags, and tied them with twine, and they were done!

Oh...I can't forget the dragon CAVE! 

This was one of the things that Toby really wanted to have at his dragon party.

A cave!

I was like "how on eARTh am I going to make a cave??" 

I ended up using a play tent (that I ordered off Amazon, and am really psyched to have for the summer when the boys are playing outside). I got some grey sheets/felt fabric from the thrift store and duct taped it on, then added some doors and a few random "rock" shapes (apparently dragon caves are made of rocks, I've been told). 

It was lot of fun! Toby and Finny have been playing in it a lot already, so I'm glad it's a hit!

I kept the food pretty simple too...

We had mini mac and cheese that I baked in parchment paper muffin cups and it was super easy, and turned out really well! I definitely recommend this for a kids party. You can make it ahead of time, and it just needs about 15 minutes in the oven right before you want to serve it.

I got the idea here, and sort of used my own recipe.

We also had "Dragon" sandwiches (cut with a cookie cutter) as well as greek salad bites and caprese salad bites (ideas from here and here

For a little activity, we had a Dragon's Egg Hunt in the backyard.

My big blue-eyed birthday boy :)

All in all, I had so much fun!

And the little dragons and princesses had fun too, I think :)

(more to come in another post....this one's just getting out of control with pictures!)

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  1. WOW what an awesome party! You are so creative :)

  2. Holy smokes! You went all out! Looks like a fantastic party - and I love the costumes!

    Have you read the" Paper Bag Princess" to Toby yet? (A classic Robert Munsch Dragon story.) My kids loved it.

    Looking forward to part two.

  3. it was so fun!! Gavin LOVED it and is now talking about dragons non-stop and even "borrowed" grandma's 2 dragons tonight when we left their house (i'm pretty sure he'll not want to give them back-EVER!) Fully wearing his dragon hoodie too...
    And going to bed tonight he said, "I had fun at Toby's house today, I need to go back tomorrow" Hahaha!
    Well done as always, and thanks for the lovely pressies. xoxo

  4. That is amazing! That cake OMG! Good job Mom:)

  5. VERY inspiring and fun! Your boys are lucky to have such a creative, fun mama.

  6. How adorable! Your parties are so awesome, love all the details and that you make everything yourself :)

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  8. High fives to you! You're so creative with your party ideas. What lucky kids you have :) Would love to see more photos. Happy birthday to Toby!

  9. So cute. Love the decorations costumes and that cake was great. Loved the placement of the candles. It is so much fun to customize a party. Your little guys are adorable.

  10. Oh. My. Gosh. You did such an amazing job! This is so creative and all your little details are just wonderful.

    You did a great job mama!

    Thanks for sharing your talent! Your son really looked like he loved it :)

  11. Wow! Awesome job! Especially the cake!

  12. So cute! I am doing a dragon party in June for my little guy and I'm so excited about your ideas! Stopping by from I heart naptime

  13. I used your dragon pop idea and shared a link to your site. You can see my post here:

    Thanks again for sharing your super cute ideas!

  14. Michelle, this party looks amazing. Can I buy your dragon decorations? I'm throwing a dragon party and there is nothing online that even compares!

  15. What fonts did you use for the invites? I have been having a hard time finding invites I like and these are awesome.

  16. this is awesome! i got a bunch of great ideas here! I'm having a double-party in November for my daughter who will be three and my son who will me 8 and they both love dragons, so this is our theme! Thanks for the great ideas!

    plus im your newest follow! ;-)

    Bethany @ The Sepia Puppy

  17. would you mind sharing how you added the tutu to the hoodie?

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  19. These decorations were so cute! My kid is the opposite to a dragon. He likes knights that slay dragons. It would be funny if our kids were friends. I feel like they would play knights and dragons a lot.

  20. My nephew loves dragons as well. I'd love to throw him a party like this. He would flip out. There are a lot of great ideas on here. I'll have to remember this.

  21. A very awesome blog post. We are really grateful for your blog post. You will find a lot of approaches after visiting your post.

  22. Just saw your posting and love your party ideas and decorations. Wow! I was wondering what you used to bake/shape the cake. We're having a Dragons Love Tacos party for my 4 year old grandson and I just love the idea of the candles making a flame. I know the kids would go nuts for this.

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