Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress......princess perfection.

Could she be any more beautiful??

She looked amazing! 

In my opinion, she chose the perfect dress for the occasion. 

(designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen)

It's absolutely timeless.

I'm pretty sure Grace Kelly wore a similar style....I'm going to have to look that up :)

My boys and I watched the wedding (not real-time because that was at 3am here, and I just know that it would have left me burnt out for the next week!) this morning, and they loved it! Toby was completely mesmerized by the Princess, and Prince, and Queen, and "Knights" riding horses.....and little Finny wouldn't stop shouting "Me come....Me GO....Finny Go...NEIGHHHH!....I GO"...haha....he was trying to get it across to us that he wanted to join William and Kate in the horse-drawn carriage! :)

*Sigh*.....there she is with her Prince!

I'm pretty sure she couldn't look any happier!

What a beautiful event!
Congratulations to Will and Kate!!


  1. I thought everything was perfect too. She looked beautiful and I loved the dress! What an amazing day she got to have :)

  2. I just saw your union jack dresser and I love it. Love the pink muted colors. How clever.

  3. A perfect fairytale! Kate looked stunning in her gorgeous gown. She's a beautiful woman. I thought that dress suited her style so well. I am sure Diana was looking down with a huge smile on her face and I know she was there in spirit. What a lovely wedding.

  4. I loved her dress, i have a couple VERY similar ones picked out that ive tried on for my wedding so I was super excited when I saw her wearing this.

  5. Oh it was so beautiful...I watched it in real time and because i was so tired I watched it @ 6 a.m. again...then highlights later...hahah...

  6. I couldn't agree with you more.:-) Kate and William are the best looking royal couple I had ever seen.:-)


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