Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A new Pink Abstract painting for our living room

Toby and I did a little "project" today....

We've been waiting for a beautiful sunny day like today for so long...

and once we got little Finn to down for his nap, we whipped out our paintbrushes and got to work!

There's just nothing quite like painting in the sunshine. 

It's my "happy place" :)

And I couldn't be happier with the results! The look on Toby's face when he saw that I'd given our "masterpiece" pride of place on the living room mantel was priceless! :)

He was so cute, working away at the painting, all down to business in his painting jeans. I wish I'd taken a picture, but sadly, I was just having too much fun.

It's the perfect pop of colour that I've been craving. 

I decided to try it standing up "tall" on the mantel....but I'm not sure if it looks grand, or weird. What do you think? Should I turn it over onto its side? I sort of like how it makes the ceiling appear higher.

Just look at all his cute little swirls and splatters :)

Love it!

And to add even more delight to our day.....we discovered a cute little chubby mama robin has made her nest under our deck. 

And look what we found when we peeked inside....!

Aren't they so beautiful? We were careful not to touch, or get mama robin too scared....and she's back on her little nest right now :)

Toby said " did she know that there was a dragon at this house, that will help her protect her eggs?...I'm so glad that she chose our house instead of the neighbour's"

He said that first thing tomorrow morning, he's going to go and listen to see if he can hear any baby birdies. Or any tapping on the eggs, from the deck above ;)

These little "muffins" (as they're often referred to as) are the source of so much fun, and just about as much exhaustion. They are full of life and beans and craziness. 

Here they are wearing their hockey the spirit of the playoffs :)

I hope you've all had a wonderful day!

I know we did :)



  1. Its vibrant and happy...and what a special little project you have both done together..beautiful.
    I cant help but wonder how it would look in a landscape position? x

  2. I love it the colour is so beautiful and its always extra special when you have art work in your home that your children do i think i have done a few with my girls and we always love the results i am with Anna though i would be curious what it looks like positioned in a landscape fashion love your blog by the way xo

  3. Love the burst of pink! Fitting for a sunny day. :) I've been waiting on the sun to finish some paintings... more sun to come!! yaya!

  4. Its lovely but my all time favorite still has to be the huge pink flower one I swoon over it!

  5. looovvvveeeee it! Ill be home for 6 weeks on maternity and have picked up som painting supplies to let my creativity flow. Im no artist but my doctor told me it would b fun to do and will help pass time and save money lol

  6. I love it! The colors are awesome together!! Those eggs are so cute, they look fake!

  7. LOVE it. Love the colors in it. It looks gorgeous, but I feel like it wants to be on its side, for some reason. I love that you did it with your little one!


  8. What a great celebration of your relationship with Toby! I love how he loves boys do too:)

  9. So cute Tracey!! Will be even more priceless when he is older:) Isn't it the best feeling when the sun finally arrives & you can get outside!
    Thanks for your msgs - Thea is growing really fast & changing so quickly! Am sure you know all about that!:) I'm also getting to know the feeling of "wishing I had taken a picture" of all of her little moments!! xx

  10. What a fantastic painting. I love it's texture and movement. Perfect statement piece for over a mantel.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  11. Well I have missed a few posts it seems....did you turn the painting around?...cuz I think landscape would really look great....wish I had your talent and your assistant!....I allways love the pop of pink from your flower bad you didn't have a booth at the sale this weekend!

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