Saturday, October 29, 2011

A cute, but very scary, Bat... and the Cat in the Hat

Once upon a time, in a crazy out-of-control household, there lived two funny little men...

the "very scary", but actually very cute, Bat...

And the Cat in the Hat. (who was actually meant to be a robot, but decided he'd rather be a cat) :)

The Bat imagined he looked like this....and that he was, in fact, the reason that people were scared in the Haunted House.

When in actual fact, he looked a lot more like this :)

Or this....cheeky little bat!

And then there was this little guy. In a costume that's about 4 sizes too big. And loving it!

Seriously....who wouldn't smile when they saw this little creature coming to their door? ;)

It gets even better when the elastic in your costume happens to tuck in nicely behind your double chin :)

The very scary Bat had his dental surgery yesterday morning, and is recovering really well. He's starting to get his energy and appetite back, thank goodness :) And my nerves appear to be getting slightly calmer. It was definitely up there as one of the most stressful days I've ever had.

Thank you for all your thoughts.

Hope you all have a fun Halloween!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love their outfits!! That cat is pretty much the cutest one in a hat ever!!

  2. So cute!! Love the cat in the hat costume!! hahah!! glad to hear that tobes is feeling better...xoxo (and of course you too.)
    thanks for the email, have been trying to write back to you as well, but we will talk this week anyway!


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