Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Halloween party that didn't happen...

Our Halloween is being somewhat hijacked this year.

Poor little Toby has dental surgery tomorrow morning :(

Which, by the way, is NOT helping my already-annoying anxiety problems. (but that's another story for another day)

Long story short, instead of getting ready for a Halloween party like we've done for the past few years, we're going to be spending the day in a surgical centre with one small boy.

I ordered these fun tissue paper balls/flowers, etc. in anticipation of decorating for a party, and we decided to just go ahead and do it up regardless. No sense in wasting them, right? ;)

And call me silly, but I love getting dressed up for Halloween. It somehow sparks that same little bit of excitement in me that it did when I was little :)

So what if I was the only mom dressed up at playgroup this morning, right? 

Besides...being a "baby tiger cub" (as Toby named me) is a pretty low-effort costume. All you need is a cheap little set of cat ears/tail (yes..I had a tail), an all black outfit (leggings and a long-ish black cardigan for me), and some eyeliner.

Just a short little post to get you in the mood for Halloween :)

Wish us luck tomorrow! My nerves are going to need it!



  1. How crummy. Why is he having surgery at such a young age? That would stress me out too! I will be sending you calming vibes tomorrow.

    BTW: Love the kitty cat :)

  2. I'm so sorry. That's rough. I hope everything goes well. By the way, you make a very cute baby tiger cub. Hugs.

  3. Awe,poor little guy...wishing him (and you, try not to stress too much) a speedy recovery. It will be over before you know it...right? Yes, you make a cute baby tiger! ;)

  4. Love the costume :) Hope all goes well tomorrow!

  5. Im sorry! Hope all goes well- by the way i love the costume ;)


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