Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bathoom Eye Candy.....just dreaming....

A girl can dream, right? ;)

There's something about a beautiful bathroom that makes my heart skip a beat. I just imagine long glorious candle-lit baths and fluffy white towels.

Not that there's anything *wrong* with our doesn't quite look like any of these :) The main reason is that it's just a touch too small. sigh. There's only so much you can do with a small bathroom.

But man could I ever relax in this one....with those gorgeous weathered wood floors and grey clawfoot tub.

Pale & Interesting (2011 Ryland Peters & Small), by Atlanta Bartlett & Dave Coote via House and Home

I guess I have a thing for freestanding bathtubs. 
This one is fit for a queen. So glamorous and beautiful.

Source unknown (I've searched and searched) via Live Creating Yourself

Even though this one has been all over Pinterest and I've seen it a million times, I just find it so calming. There's something about carrera marble that does it for me.

I'm also partial to a little "rustic" thrown in. 
So simple and spa-like.

Paul Ryan-Goff via Desire to Inspire could anyone resist that tub? It's not exactly "serene", but what it lacks in the relaxing factor, it makes up for in personality :)

Photo by Paul Massey via Living Etc.

I had to throw this one in just for fun....and for my love of stripes (especially of the pink variety).
So girly and fabulous.

Domino (oh how I miss you, Domino Mag!)

There's something about this bathroom that makes me dream of France. Ok...more like everything about it makes me dream of France! LOVE!

Who wouldn't feel like a princess while soaking in this tub? :)
And... sigh.....venetian I love you so!

Anita Caushal via DecorPad

Bliss....pure.. white.. airy, pale bliss. There's something so peaceful about all-white bathrooms.

I love this bathroom makeover that was featured on Design Sponge...the mix of wooden bathroom furniture with white marble and white painted brick walls is perfection. Throw in a freestanding glossy white tub and a chandelier and I'm hooked.

Anile Prakash of Girl Friday via DesignSponge

Do I have to wake up now? ;) These bathroom suites would never be possible in our current home, but maybe one day....just maybe.

Until then....  xo


  1. That last one is absolutely amazing... it's been in my inspiration folder waiting for our bathroom renos!

  2. I have just finished a massive bathroom renovation, why didn't I see this pink bath before!

  3. Love these inspirations! I wish having a bathtub is the thing here in the Philippines.

  4. These are stunning photographs! I could soak in a tub for hours in one of these bathrooms..gorgeous!

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