Thursday, February 9, 2012

A crazy metallic abstract painting adds a modern touch

My craving for change around this house is still going strong...

I was feeling trapped in an overly "pretty" home (yes..I could it possibly be pretty with so many boys around?) ;)

I decided I wanted something dramatic and colourful. With a little bit of gold and silver thrown in to shake it up a bit. SO......I found a huge canvas in our garage and got to work after the boys were in bed. 

I really had no idea where I was headed, until the brush hit the canvas.....probably not a great idea, in hindsight. I'm not 100% in love with how it turned out, and of course now I can think of so many other cooler geometric designs I could have done...but whatever. It's serving its purpose for now....definitely packs a fairly big, fun, colourful, geometric punch when you come into the room :).

I was *trying* to force myself out of my comfort zone. The pretty little comfort zone that has a lot of pink and flowers and white., there's still a substantial amount of pink in there, but there's also dark blue, and gold, and silver :) It's hard to capture the metallic paint on camera in the light today, but I love how the light reflects off the gold and silver paint. It definitely gives it a whole different look. Adds some much-needed "glam" factor :)

Well....that's it, that's all :)  So my life may not be overly exciting if this is the biggest thing going on right now, right? ;) whatever. Excitement is overrated.



  1. Good on you for trying something new! I really like it!


  2. i really love this up dated painting!! It's a keeper!

  3. Impressed with your courage to paint! I have a huge canvas that needs creating, the paint to work with but no courage to attack it yet. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Nice Tracey! Love the graphic punch it gives the room. And your slipcovers are off! Fun to have them, it can give your home a whole new look!

  5. What a great statement this graphic painting makes in your room! Good for you for shaking things up. What'll be next? ;-)

  6. I like it! It looks really great. Brings a fresh, modern touch to your LR. Well done. I bet the mettalic paint is really pretty... it looks pretty even if we aren't getting the full effect.

  7. You are hilarious. You change your decor around more than me, which I thought was impossible! Ha! So much fun reinventing a space - looks great!

  8. This is beautiful! It really gives your room and fireplace a nice pop of color! You are very talented!!

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