Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Cards.....a little crayon heart project with my boys :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

We decided to jump on the pinterest bandwagon and do a little Valentine's card project.

I wasn't sure how this would go with the boys, but they had so much fun!

So my boys are "crafters"....what're you gonna do? ;)

They had so much fun peeling the crayons, since it's usually something we don't do on a regular basis without me getting suuuper annoyed by all the little bits of crayon wrappers all over the floor.

This time I just embraced the mess, and let them go at it.

(tip: if you're going to do this, it's MUCH easier to use an exacto knife to cut a slit down the length of the crayon on the wrapper. I may or may not have used a steak knife...hehe...and may or may not have about 8 small stab marks in my thumb)   *shudder*

This is basically what they looked like.....a blur of craziness! Busy as bees. :)

Then, I chopped the crayon up into little pieces (while the boys were very gleefully snapping them in half for me).

Then they filled up two silicone ice cube trays (picked these up at a local kitchen store for $1.99 each).

You need to fill them up as full as possible, otherwise your crayon hearts will be really thin (learned the hard way, and had to add some more crayon bits to the hearts after they were partially melted in the oven).

Then, put them in the oven at 250C or so....and it takes about 15 minutes.

Easy peasy. :)

Did a little wrapping job on them...(Toby stuck all the crayon hearts onto the kraft paper with little stick foam dots)...and they were done!

We had fun giving them out at school today (well, aside from the fact that Toby decided to sit down in the middle of circle time, and refuse to move while everyone around him was standing up doing a circle song). Always pleasant ;) 

Hope you all have a fun day tomorrow full of sugar, hearts and romance :)



  1. These are so great!!!! I can't wait to try them sometime.

  2. oh what a great special to see your sweet boys enthusiasm!
    I love your packaging! they must have been a HIT!

  3. What a great idea! Fun to make and special for those receiving them :) I need to try this out next year.

  4. Oh my goodness what a delightful idea! I love this idea even if it's not for Valentine's day. Too sweet if ya just did it because you love someone.


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