Saturday, March 3, 2012

A winter's day at the beach

I am so done with winter.

Bring on the warm, bright, summery days....anytime now.

A day at the beach just isn't *quite* the same in the winter......when I say "day", I mean an hour MAX because it was FREEZING!

But fun all the same :)

The boys loved it....running around, climbing on logs and rocks.

Oh to be little again, and not be worried about the cold, or the fact that your earache might come back if your ears get the wind in them.....;)

But...there really is nothing quite like "sea air"......cold or not, it's refreshing!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!



  1. Adorable!!! It has been too long since my last to peek about and see what you have been up to. I hope the sun peeks out today! I need a huge amount of it right now. xoxo

  2. Oh so cute! Great photographs, loved each one!


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