Saturday, April 21, 2012

Captain Hook Pirate Party......the Treasure Chest Cake

Today was the big day.

The day "Captain Hook" got his crew together to celebrate his 5th birthday :)

Not Toby's birthday.


Captain Hook's birthday.

Of course ;)

I knew it was coming.....the inevitable Pirate party. I tried to avoid it, in favour of some other less popular themes...but nope. It HAD to be a Captain Hook party :)

And to be honest, I had a lot of fun planning it!

There's just too much for one post, so this is just a little preview and a look at the treasure chest cake.

It was actually an easy cake to make. And Toby did a lot of the "decorating" stuffing as much loot into the "treasure chest" as possible, while nibbling on a little bit or two when I wasn't looking :) 

For a little man who can't have sugar (unless of course it's his birthday), he was absolutely thrilled with this cake!

It was pretty loaded with treasure. Just how he wanted it!

I used three 9"X 13" chocolate cakes, with a little wedge of hard rye bread (yes...really) wrapped in wax paper to prop the lid open. Don't judge. I was too lazy to make more cake ;) And it was much stronger than cake would have been!

The birthday boy post treasure hunt....sans costume......loaded down with every jewel possible :)

As soon as the candles were blown out, the smoke was still in the air and the little pirate hands were pillaging the treasure chest. Wayyy too much to resist ;)

More fun Captain Hook Pirate stuff to come.....when I get motivated to write another post. For's an early night for this pirate momma :)



  1. That is one killer birthday cake, so authentic you're very clever :)

  2. You are amazing! I had a pirate party for my son when he was younger but my treasure chest cake didn't look that amazing. You are fabulous at parties, ever thought about doing it as a business? Or a book???

  3. So happy to see some photos! I was sorry to miss that part..I heard the singing from down the hall!! It looks so fantastic and was so delish!! You are amazing at parties!! Love the wooden pirates, my favorite part!!! Looking forward to post #2...will send you the cute photos I took of the boys!

  4. I have never seen a Birthday cake that extravagant! INCREDIBLE!!!

  5. wow ....yummy and amazing looking!..What a fun party for a pirate boy!

  6. Ooh! This is perfect for my sister. She likes to collect coins and you can find money in every corner of her room. Her room is like a treasure box. I have shortlisted a few NYC venues for her birthday celebrations and I would love to get a cake like this for her.

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