Monday, April 23, 2012

Captain Hook/Pirate Party Invitations...

I had a lot of fun making these invitations :)

I was seriously giggling away to myself as I added some stubble to the boys' chins. hah! 

Nothing quite like a 5 o'clock shadow on a chubby-cheeked little two year old ;)

When I showed it to the boys, they thought it was hilarious too! phew. Not too "Scary".

I found a photo that I'd taken of the boys a month or so back, and used my favourite (but, sadly, no longer existant) photo-editing site (Picnik) to add the pirate "accessories", beards, text, etc. I got them printed as 5"X7" photos and glued them to black card stock. I added a little torn piece of kraft paper for the "5", which I stamped and aged with black ink. Toby came to the conclusion that it must have been a clue that there was a real treasure map in the area somewhere. :)

The back was made using Picnik as well, and also printed on 5"X7" photo paper. I just cut out the large scroll shape and glued it on the back. I made envelopes out of kraft paper and double-sided tape and ripped the edges for the same worn look as a treasure map. I rubbed the edges in black ink (proved to be a LOT messier than I anticipated). But it worked to give it the "burnt" effect.

Bear with me......more Pirate stuff to come ;)

Tonight I'm off to the IKEA media cocktail event in anticipation of the GRAND OPENING of our new Richmond IKEA store on the 25th!

Can't wait!!!


  1. oh your boys are so adorably goodlooking!
    What a great job you did of the invitation!

  2. Super cute Tracey! Did you bring home much from Ikea?

  3. I LOVE these!! I thought I was the only one that found mustaches drawn on people to be the funniest thing ever. You are such a good mama.
    SO sad I didn't meet you at IKEA :( would have been so fun. Next time :)

  4. How did you get the pirate ship and scroll on the invitation?


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