Monday, May 21, 2012

Captain Hook Pirate Party....Part 3 (the fun)

I'm finally getting around to writing this post....

and yes, I realize it's a little overkill to have so many posts about one party.....

but it was just too much for one post!

Toby is still talking about his party, and how much fun he had.....and the treasure hunt....and the cake......and how all of his friends were there :) 

Makes it all worth it ;)

So....we had a treasure hunt. A "real" one.....with lots of dirt and excitement! Toby's request was that it would be a REAL treasure.....buried in the REAL pirates! haha.....

Here's how it started...

yes....we're "that" family. We got fairly into it ;)

They had to "walk the plank" into a swimming pool filled with balls and inflatable sharks...

There were a bunch of "clues" (gold coins) hidden around our backyard (marked on the map) that the pirates had to find before they got to the "X marks the spot".....where a digging frenzy started!

We should have buried the treasure a little deeper because they enjoyed the digging so much!

A TREASURE CHEST was found!! (a.k.a. an old suitcase that I painted)

Inside there was "real treasure". No chocolate coins (not REAL, according to Toby)....just gold coins (plastic), costume jewelry, loose "diamonds" and jewels.....stuff like that.  Then, there was a little mini treasure chest marked with each pirate's initials filled with treasure. (Toby's idea again!)

Of course, we all know how fond Captain Hook is of treasure! well...he was busy loading up. Very busy! ;)

"It's my party....I can do what I want to...." :)

Waiting very patiently for the treasure cake!

All of the pirates got a hat, hook, sword and eye patch to take home. My boys are still playing with theirs!

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Treasure Chest cake post here


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