Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shared Boys Bedroom Inpiration

So...I've been planning a new boys' bedroom.

If you can believe it, Finn has been sleeping in our bedroom since he was born (yes...almost 3 years), and I think it's time (new baby coming and all) for the boys to share a bedroom :)

Now.....the problem is that poor little Finny calls it "Toby's bedwoom" ....and I just feel like I need to give it a facelift in order for him to think of it as his "bedwoom" as well!

Easier said than done.


I made the mistake of asking them which colour they would like in their bedroom.....Toby said RED....Finny said "LELLOW!" and mustard. Awesome. 

So....I'm going to attempt to keep everyone happy and incorporate red and yellow, but keep the rest of the room mostly white, with a blue/white striped wall. Crazy?  Whatever. I like crazy.

Just a little "sneak peek" as requested by Michelle :)
Navy blue, Red and Yellow Shared Boys Bedroom

Navy blue, Red and Yellow Shared Boys Bedroom by tracey-kofoed on Polyvore

(I'm not really actually using these products....more of a DIY deal going on around here....but just so you have a little idea of where I'm trying to go with this)

So...there you have it. My little "project" of the moment!

I kind of love projects.

My goal is to have this finished by next weekend. Think I can pull it off? ;)

Not quite sure where I'll get the energy from, but, if anything, it keeps my mind off feeling sick.


  1. aWESOME!!Thank you! And of course, the superhero persuasion is very fitting for our big boys :)

    It's going to look so good! Can't wait for the final reveal!

  2. super congratulations on the new baby!
    So exciting....and the room to be is wonderful looking..great inspiration!

  3. Love the inspiration pics!! Are you using bunk beds or two single beds? Congrats again on the new baby:)

  4. I loved and enjoyed your every words! I found it really funny as well and your babies are so cute. Hope to get beautiful and blessed bedroom for you princes. God bless you guys!

  5. Hi just wondering what the name and brand of the blue paint is...I love that colour


Thank you so much for your comments! I love reading every single one :)

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