Monday, September 3, 2012

New Teal Velvet Sofa in the Living Room

We FINALLY got a new sofa!! 

I went on a crazy craigslist rampage and sold our leather sofa/love seat at the start of the summer. Then we purchased a sofa that ended up having to be retured due to a very strong smell of chemicals off-gassing! yuck!  ( can blame it ever so slightly on me being a very extra sensitive prego mama, but still....can't be good when your whole house smells like the new sofa!)

Then......along came this beauty. 

A perfect floor model (I was specifically looking for a sofa that had been sitting out so that we wouldn't have as much risk of the same smell problem happening again). 

And seriously....the comfiest couch ever made!  

We went out on a limb and decided to break away from the "safe" know...beige, brown, etc. Why NOT have a teal velvet sofa? ;)

Did I mention we got a great deal on it too? 

It's a crazy shape, which makes it a little hard to fit into our small living room...but this is the best layout I've tried so far. 

The crazy shape is a small price to pay for what is called the "cuddle". Yes....the CUDDLE. It's the glorious little spot on the corner, where you can snuggle right into the couch and put your feet up. 

Exactly what this pregnant mama needed ;)

The pink Ikat pillows were an impromptu Home Sense purchase. I'm kind of loving them.

I still haven't sorted out a permanent piece of art, or new mirror for above the mantel....but this will do for now.

On another note...I simply cannot believe that school starts tomorrow......and that I actually have a boy that's old enough to be going!!! 

More on this later...



  1. Amazing!! I love the Ikat that the name of the pattern? They look red in the photos which also looks great!! let the look simmer and the perfect piece of art or mirror will come to you for the mantle...don't forget, there are a couple of great holidays coming up that will be sure to spice it up nicely!! ;)

  2. Nice find! And I saw those pillows too, they are fabulous! And hope your boy enjoys his first day {and momma too}

  3. I love that sofa. It does look comfy.

  4. I love the lines of the sofa-and it's comfy on top of it. Enjoy!

  5. wow such a great find! Love that couch- and the colour!! It looks fabulous in your living room :)

  6. Those furniture certainly look regal. Good choice of color for your new sofa. The teal sofa certainly takes the spotlight, amid the white sofas and white theme of your living room. By the way, did you know what white symbolizes wholeness and completion? In most cultures, it represents truth and openness. White is suitable for your living room, because it can make any space seem larger.

  7. Yup! One can always go for the safe colours when it comes to furniture items . This is to ensure that the items will surely incorporate with the existing decorations or interiors of your home. Good choice of sofa!

  8. Love the sofa !! I've been looking for one like this in the curved design & smaller just like this one. Can't seem to locate one. Would you please tell me where you purchased this sofa or where I could find one like it ? Thank you so much ! Judy B.

  9. please share where you purchased the sofa. :) ox

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