Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Party (Rory turns 3)

My tiny man is 3.


I need to start getting used to this growing up thing. I am sentimental to a fault, and cling to every stage like my life depends on it. For some reason, it's harder with my baby! Why is that??

Maybe it's because I feel like there are so many 'lasts'. The last time I'll have a two year old. The last time he'll nurse (and no, that last still hasn't happened yet).  I need to shift my focus to all the wonderful firsts instead, right? The first time he'll say "I'm FREE" (three). The first time he'll get to go in the IKEA play area with his big brothers, because he's finally not needing a diaper. The first time he'll ride a bike. SO many firsts to come. Thank goodness!

But for now, he's still my tiny man....and three is still pretty tiny, right? 

He's following in his big brothers' party-planning footsteps, and had this party planned before I even had a chance to hit up Pinterest! He chose the theme himself (his favourite book right now!) and insisted that his party needed to have "ALL the sings (things) the catuhpilluh eats!". It was tricky, let me tell you!

I couldn't find plums. That was the only thing, believe it or not! Other than that, we had all sorts of caterpillar-friendly fruit and snacks. I found a 'bulletin board pack' for teachers on Amazon, and used the little cutouts for making the food signs as well as all of the 'story board' decorations on the wall. The birthday boy and his big brother had all their friends sit down while they told the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar (using the story board pictures on the wall).  

For favours, I made some playdough and put in it mason jars. Simple, easy, and doesn't include more sugar ;). 

The cake was inspired by one that the birthday boy spotted on Pinterest (yes...he likes to browse around with me for party ideas). It was super easy to make, so I was in! 

Tiny man was so happy...surrounded by his little buddies.  All in all, it was a fun little party. :)


  1. It looks like a great party !!!..congratulations !! from me Ria x

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