Friday, December 31, 2010

Recap for life in "projects" :)

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by!

My "baby" isn't a  baby anymore....he's a full blown 14 month old, running, climbing, dancing, singing toddler.

And my "big boy" is feeling very grown up to me these days....riding a big boy bike without training wheels and informing me about "blasting caps" and how roads are built. (Seriously have you EVER heard of a blasting cap?)

I mean, he *is* 3, you know ;) 

I'm one of those moms who clings to the present, and doesn't want my boys to grow up too fast....but the days all blur into weeks and months and before you know it, a year has gone by!

But it was a good year :)

Full of fun and giggles.

And...well...a few little projects that keep me feeling like there's a little bit of "me" left in there ;)

The first change I made to our home this year was adding the white slipcovers...

still love this fresh, airy look :)

This little memo board is still hanging on our kitchen door, covered in so many memories...I love it!

 The white chair slipcovers completely changed the look of our dining room...they *almost* hide the hideous IKEA table ;)  (Don't get me wrong...I love ikea...just not this table)

 After I started making changes in the dining room, I spotted this little beauty at the thrift shop and gave it a quick coat of paint. Still loving it!

 This gilt mirror just suits our home so much better now that it's white..

 And once I start craving a feeling of spring in our home, this pink camellia will find its home on the living room mantel once again.

The "T-shirt" covered cabana striped bench sits in our front entry.  It's perfect for holding my way too big purse :)

I'm still somewhat in love with stripes. This little half-moon table is where our laptop sits at the end of our couch.

This little bedside cabinet is completely stuffed full of books now....Finny's favourite place to sit down and make a big mess :)

 I gave the front entry a little makeover and didn't want to spend money on a light fixture, so I somehow managed to string this one together with a few odds and ends. (Not sure if I'd ever be able to reproduce it, tho) ;)

 More stripes....this little table spent the summer out on our back patio....a perfect spot for setting my Limonata, I might add.

 I'm so glad I finally decided to paint our bedroom. I still love how uplifting it is to wake up in a bright and breezy bedroom.

 I honestly don't know what I did before this dresser came to live with us. It is crammed full of craft supplies, story books (yes, we have a lot of books in our home), my sewing machine, etc etc. Definitely my most useful project to date, I'd say. And I love the sometimes spends a little time on our mantel, where it's the perfect backdrop for holiday decor :)

Then we got started on holiday decorating...a little Halloween decor...

With a crazy kiddies Halloween party thrown in :)

A yarn ball wreath that sort of inspired a Scandinavian themed Christmas

 The Advent garland was a huge hit with the boys. After a few days, even little Finny knew the drill and would run to the rug and sit down waiting for the surprise :)

Our Christmas mantel...

And we can't forget the birthday parties :)

Toby's Rocket party...


Finny's Circus party...

And a little pink baby shower somewhere in there...

haha...and I wonder why the year went by so fast? :)

Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies out there for your kind comments and encouraging, inspiring, "make me feel good" words. I appreciate each and every one of them.

I hope you have a very happy and wonderful 2011 !

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!!

with love,



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mini Vintage Winter Wonderland

On one of our little thrift shop outings a few weeks ago, Toby spotted a little bag full of miniature "vintagey" trees and people.

Of course, he just HAD to have it.....and me a pushover, but sometimes it's just not worth the battle.

Especially when said baggie full of miniature treasures is a mere $0.25!

So......with a little help from my trusty glue gun, I set up a little winter wonderland....

And both of my boys love it!

Even more surprising is the fact that's it's still intact after a whole week or so!

ps....I went a little crazy with picnik :) Just couldn't resist a little "snow".

I don't know about you, but I love little miniature villages and winter "scenes".

Something kind of magical and nostalgic about them.

Despite their tacky vibe.

Anyways.....just a little peek at Toby's "little people", as he calls them :)

My mom just got back from 6 weeks in Ireland, and the boys (and me) are so excited to have her back!
She was so kind today as to look after them this morning while I did some Christmas shopping...SOLO!

I honestly don't know how to shop alone anymore. I'm constantly looking around for the stroller and taking the route that doesn't pass the play area (because once they spot it, that's game over for any shopping). Ridiculous.:)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Dining Hutch Vignette

I decided that the dining hutch could use a little Christmas cheer :)

So, keeping with the same Scandinavian"ish" style, I decked the hutch with pine cones and red pots...and a variety of red/white/grey stockings.

I hung some grosgrain ribbon around my rustic light fixture....just for a little extra red.

As if I needed any more ;)

I'm keeping the table simple for now, since the hutch is fairly "busy"

Pinecones in a red felt reindeer bowl.

I'm linking up to Southern Hospitality's Christmas Vignettes event.
Lots of great inspiration there, if you haven't started your holiday decor yet :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our cozy Skandinavian Ski Lodge Christmas Mantel

I've been craving a lot of coziness this year :)

Lots of wood and wool and a big cast iron reindeer :)

And Dustin is Danish,so I figured I could maybe pull off a bit of Scandinavian Christmas decor around here...

Nothing too serious.....Christmas decor that the kids can enjoy...

I strung up a twine garland with a random mix of homespun ornaments.

Some little knitted mini sweaters that I found at Home Sense, reindeer cutouts from IKEA, little yarn ball from Michael's, and some homemade wooden ornaments that I bought at our local craft market for $0.50 each! (I can't understand why on earth the guy that made them would be selling them so cheaply...I couldn't help but buy a whole bunch of them)
And a somewhat creepy looking vintage Santa that Toby simply could not leave behind at the thrift shop.

And pinecones....lots of pinecones.

And I decided to leave the yarn ball wreath above the mantel.


There is nothing quite like a crackling wood fire.

We have one lit almost every evening and I just can't get enough :)


Especially on a day like this.

I love looking out our window at a winter wonderland :)


That's all for now......more to come soon :)

Hope you're all having fun decorating your homes! I can't wait to see them all!

I'm linking up to The Lettered Cottage's holiday party.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Advent Calendar Garland

So...I made a little advent garland for the boys...

Before you're didn't have the time to sew each and every little mitten and stocking :)

I found them at a store called Jysk for $1 each. 

How on earth could you justify making them for that?

I know...I's much better to buy handmade!......

Or simply make it yourself....

But this mama just does not have enough hours in the day.

What I *did* do was cut out the felt numbers (I thought of buying the stick on variety, but I could only find them in packet sets, and I would have had to buy about 4 packs to get enough 1's!!)

I just cut them out freehand... threw out the ones that looked completely awful...and hot glued the ones that were somewhat readable.

I kind of like how the numbers look handmade and sort of "kiddish" :)

Then I strung up some twine and attached the little mittens, etc with clothes pins.

That way, I can hang them up high (where little desperately sneaking hands cannot reach!), and just take down the pouch each day to get the goodies out.

It works in theory.

I'll keep you posted on the advent raiding.

Now I just have to fill them all :) I've been stocking up for the last couple of weeks, so I'm getting there. 

I've been feeling like I wanted to start some little holiday traditions for our family, so this is a start :)

Anyone else thinking of doing an advent calendar?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A snow day

Nothing quite like the first snowy day of the season...

especially when you're, say, a "3 boy" or a "1 boy" (Toby's words). :)

Apparently, those types of boys like snow.

A lot.

Well, Finn wasn't so sure of it at first.....and those darn mitts......

How on earth are you supposed to shove a floppy, sticky little baby  hand into a mitt?


I actually resorted to socks on his hands, covered with zip-lock bags held on with an elastic around his wrist (Dustin's idea). I know....GHETTO. haha.....but it SO worked. They stayed on for our whole sledding expedition :)

This is what Toby does when I say "SMILE!!" 

This is at a local park that has an amazing hill for sledding. It was actually a lot of fun, even with the little bit of snow we had!

Yes...that's Toby....horizontal. 

Nothing quite like a snow fort to jump off.

Finny has inherited Toby's dorky hand-me-down snowsuit. 

It's like some sort of initiation.

I mean....c' there anything funnier than a toddler with saddle bags?


So...since it snowed, I totally caved and did a full on Christmas decorating blitz last night.

Love it!

Stay tuned for a little Christmas cheer!
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