Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is it with me and stripy little Tables?

My lovely sister-in-law Dayna called me on Saturday morning to let me know that her antique-collecting neighbours were having their annual garage sale!! 

And her wonderful words went something like this ...."I've already bought you a bunch of nice stuff" 


So excited!

This little table was one of her scores! LOVE it!

It was painted white, and quite lovely as it was, but you know me....I can't resist a little project. What is it with me and stripes these days??

I think I'm coming seriously close to overdoing it.


I did my usual "green-tape" job...this time alternating thin and thick stripes, to switch it up a bit.

A little distressing....and there you have it. 

A new little side-table. Perfect for a little "tea for two".

The cute little milk/sugar set was a gift from my awesome husband, who came back from last week's business trip with an Anthropologie bag full of goodies!

How well does he know me? :)

I couldn't resist picking the last two peonies from our garden......I just enjoy them so much more inside where I can admire them all day long :)

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Dreaming of the South of France...

What is wrong with me?....I can't stop dreaming of France and all things Francais!! 

I'm serious.

I'm plotting plans on how I could convince Dustin to move there...

And then I have to convince all the rest of my family because I couldn't live without them either...

Maybe these pictures will help... :)

This is in one of the many gorgeous little medieval villages (St. Paul de Vence)

And the food......oh the food. 
I will never stop craving the food.

That moon....

Even Toby was adopting the laid-back French lifestyle :)

Then on to Nice......

Toby even found himself a little French lady.....kisses and all.
He was laying it on thick!
 (again with the French lifestyle) ;)

And wakeboarding....what more could you ask for?

I honestly think I was meant to live in France. 

C'mon...why else would my parents have put me in French Immersion all through school? 

Everything about France is just ME. 

Anyone else feel this way? :)

Care to join me?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A baby girl shower.....loving all the PINK!

Sorry for the long silence at My house of Giggles! Dustin was away all last week, and I was somewhat out of control! The boys and I went to stay with my lovely sister, Shannon, who was so helpful at providing backup....thank goodness for sisters!! (it so happens that my parents were away at the same time as my husband!) *cue small panic attack here*.

Anyways....we survived.

Needless to say, I have a very great respect for all you single mommas out there.....and for those of you whose husbands are away a are SUPERMOMS! 


Now....onto the baby shower....

My beautiful sister-in-law Dayna and I planned an intimate little  baby shower for our friend Christa, and her gorgeous new baby girl. 

It was a somewhat impromptu event, but we wanted it to be special, so we had some fun with the girly details :)

I made some tulle pompoms to hang in the window......don't they look like pretty little ballerinas? 

Dayna is so amazing.....she made this delicious (and I mean DElicious!) cake......all while looking after her little man Fenton, who is only 3 months! It's covered in ganache and so yummy. 

She left it in my fridge, and needless to say, I've put a huge dent in it. 

C'mon....a girl can't deal with that kind of temptation!

The little 3-tiered dessert stand was one of my recent projects....soon to be available in my "almost-ready-to-open" Etsy store! :) (more on this later)

The adorable baby girl of honour.....Kalli!

Christine and Shannon with little Kalli...

And the beautiful momma :) 
 this little Kalli is a DREAM baby........her mom just lies her down on the floor, to open presents....and she simply falls asleep. On her own. Just lying there.

How come my boys would never do that? 

And here's my gorgeous sister-in-law and cutie-patoutie little nephew Fenton. Isn't he a doll? 

And he gives the best snuggles :)

Kirsty with my little Finny :) 

Me and my boys...

I promise more posts very soon.....I've been working on lots of little projects and I can't wait to share them :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dining Outdoors....first time this year!

It all started with this pink rose...

...the first rose from our garden.

I decided that life is just simply too short to not eat outdoors at a pretty table...with fresh flowers and placemats...the "good" china...and matching napkins. 


Then why do I usually just slap down the first plates I see (aka...hideous scratched $0.50 IKEA junkers)....use the paper towel sheets for napkins...and bring out the ugly plastic water bottle to the table? 

Let me tell you...there is something wonderful about sitting down to a well-set table. 

There just is.

Even my boys loved it.

And yes....I am nerdy enough to bring out my new pink rose painting just because it matches. :)

We were giggling here because Toby said "Where's my 'meef'?" in a cross between beef and meat?

and a picture of my little Finny, just because...

Oh how I love summer. Well....spring.....but it kind of just felt like summer.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ladies who lunch...

A few weeks ago, the lovely Victoria from Design Ties invited me to join her and a group of lovely blogging ladies for afternoon tea at the most adorable little teahouse. 

I was completely honored to be invited, and couldn't wait to meet these amazing, creative women!

We met up at the Little White House "Salon Cafe" in Fort Langley, BC. This place is just right up  my alley...lots of white, lots of chandeliers and yummy treats! 

It was a perfect lunch (if you've never had "high tea", you need to gather up some girlfriends and head to the nearest teahouse. It's just so lovely in every way.) 

Victoria was so amazingly thoughtful and brought us these beautiful gerbera daisies! So perfect for a sunny spring day! 

And she made these adorable little place cards....perched on the cutest little glass card-holder. 

And here we are...sitting pretty under some serious bling :) 

(photo borrowed from Nancy at Marcus Design)

(above) From left to right: Nancy from Marcus Design, Maria from Colour Me Happy, Victoria from DesignTies, Barbara from hodge:podge, Me, Catherine from peace love sweater, and Karla from Kerrisdale Design.

(photo borrowed from Victoria at DesignTies)

(above) Me and Catherine

(photo borrowed from Victoria at DesignTies)

(above) Barbara, Victoria, Karla, Nancy and Maria

(photo borrowed from Victoria at DesignTies)

(above) Karla and Nancy

A little sampling of our goodies...

(photo borrowed from Victoria at DesignTies)

I mean, seriously...look at this place! Love it!

(photo borrowed from Little White House)

(gooogle images)

(photo borrowed from Nancy at Marcus Design)

(photo borrowed from Nancy at Marcus Design)

(photo borrowed from Nancy at Marcus Design)

Thanks to all of you ladies for including me in your get-together! And thanks especially to Victoria for organizing the whole thing! It was so nice to get to know you all a little better :) 
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