Friday, June 25, 2010

So excited to be featured today!! (@ 6th Street Design School)

I'm feeling very honored today....

The lovely Kirsten from 6th Street Design School has featured My house of Giggles!

You are going to love her blog!! 

She's an amazingly talented Interior Designer and mom to an adorable little boy.

Thank you, Kirsten!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Pink Contest...and a Market!

You know me and my recent pink obsession, right?

Well, can you imagine my excitement when I found out that our baby shower for little Kalli had been chosen as a a contestant in Daisy Pink Cupcake's Pink Contest!

You've got to see all the fun girly pink stuff going on over there!! And if there's any chance you were in the mood for voting, I know a girl who would so appreciate your vote *ahem* ;) 

Head on over HERE to take a peek.

 I'm working like a busy bee (do bees work??) trying to get ready for the Ivory Vintage Market on Saturday!

I'd love to see you there!!

Hope you're all having a fabulous Monday.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Newport Beach Holiday

Need I say more?....

We rented this beautiful little beach house, two blocks from the beach and backing onto a canal. 

It was perfect!!

This patio was really working for so relaxing! 

The house was quite fabulous.....lots of reclaimed wood and rough details. 

There were actually two separate patios (this one was a raised patio over the canal)

Nice airy high ceilings...

It even came with our own little Duffy boat!

As you can see....Toby was thrilled to be the Captain!

Beautiful Corona Del Mar Beach...

Nothing like a good old-fashioned ferris wheel (Balboa Island)

We took our little boat across the harbour and stumbled into this amazing restaurant!  (The Cannery)

We moored at the restaurant's private dock, and walked up the ramp to the front door.

What can I say?....the aqua blue cabana stripes pulled me in!

I mean...seriously.....look at that bathroom! 
( I the only person who would take a picture of the bathroom?)

Oh...and the food was fabulous!

BUT....the best part of this little vacation BY FAR was getting to see my beautiful friend Ali !!!

I miss her so much already! :(

ps...I'm  not actually that tall.....I was standing on a step :) Although, I must say, a girl could get used to being that tall!

And Toby had so much fun with his old buddy Seb! 

They hadn't seen each other for a year and a half....but as you can see......they started off again right where they left off.  

Hugs and all.

Finn and Sander met for the first time, and before we knew it...were sharing teething biscuits and eating each others' feet :) 

Baby bonding? 

This is where we spent our was simply perfect!

Fire lit...

Candles burning...

Waterfall fountains tinkling...

Boys sleeping....

(well....except for this night when Finny woke up, grinning his big wide grin)

All in was fabulous!

We'll be back. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

This stripe problem is getting out of hand here...

Ok....I promise this will be the last striped piece of furniture you see here.

Well, at least for a *while*...

We're still in Newport Beach, but I had these pics on my computer, and since Toby is up at the crack of dawn this morning, I figured I might as well do a little blog post :)

This little footstool was another purchase ($4) from the garage sale I went to a week or two ago. It had dark brown legs, which I promptly painted white.

Then, while perusing my local Value Village (Savers), my eyes were magically drawn to this little it any surprise? Honestly, I think I need help for my grey and white stripe problem. 

I will be weaning myself off stripes shortly, but for now.....for today....I'm embracing them :)

Sadly, the little sweater was a little bit too small to do a decent upholstery job, but it'll do for now. 

Once it gets dirty, or boring, I'll switch it up with a different fabric.

Today I get to be reunited with my long-lost friend, Ali, who moved away last year!! SO excited!!!!

We'll be home on Tuesday night, but until then....I'm in holiday mode :)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

On Newport Beach!

Anyone miss me? :)

Sorry for the very long silence! 

It's not easy getting ready for vacation with two little monkeys!! 

In fact, it's pretty brutal.......but totally worth it!

This is where we've been all week....

At this lovely little beach house.......sitting on this patio......

I can't get enough of this patio.....especially in the's simply dreamy!

There is nothing quite like sitting at an outdoor fire, with the candles lit and the waterfall fountains tinkling, and two little boys sleeping soundly in their beds :) 

SO worth the effort to get here! 

More about this gorgeous little house soon :) Just in case you're looking for a getaway....

Sadly, I forgot my camera cord at home, so I can't upload any pics yet.

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