Saturday, August 7, 2010

FINALLY....Our new Grey and White Striped Bedroom!

Definitely been neglecting my blog here...

It's been over 2 weeks! yikes.

But.....I promised a newly painted bedroom, and a newly painted bedroom you will get :)

I am LOVING it! 

I just can't believe I didn't paint it 3 years ago!

It's probably the smallest "master" bedroom in the world...but somehow it feels a lot bigger than it did before. Every little bit counts. Trust me.

I had 2 "naptimes" and a short evening to get it done, so there wasn't a lot of planning or preparation involved. I popped down to Benjamin Moore for a gallon of Cloud White and got started.

As for the stripes, I loved the suggestion of using a satin/glossy paint and alternating the paint finish, but as it happened, I had to get the job done before Finn woke up, and I just went to work with what I had. (ie.. some old black paint that we'd used to paint the back steps, which I added to the cloud white to end up with a nice french grey).

I'm not gonna was a pain in the butt to tape the stripes and make sure they were somewhat straight. But so worth it. I used a foam roller to roll the grey paint, and was informed by a paint-expert friend of mine that it was a good move. The tape didn't bleed much at all, and apparently would have bled if I had used a regular roller.

The quilted coverlet was a $70 Home Sense purchase. I wasn't sure about how it looked with the stripes at first, but once I hung the painting above the bed, it all seemed to come together nicely.

The chandelier was an impromptu IKEA purchase ($50), but when I got it up, it just looked a little too plain. So....I "adorned" it (Dustin's words). And I think it looks quite lovely.

Nothing like some good ol' thrift shop pearls to make a girl feel pretty, right?

The table lamps were a $3 thrift shop purchase (this morning!), and were a sad colour of peachy 80's pastel. Nothing a grey spray bomb and a new WalMart $8 shade can't fix!

Isn't this mirror beautiful? My sister-in-law Dayna nabbed it for me at her neighbour's garage sale a month or so ago. I've been waiting for the perfect spot to hang it.

And yes...I couldn't keep the ballet shoes out of the bedroom. They make me happy :)

So...I'm weird. What're you gonna do? ;)

As for my pink camellia painting, I think this is where it belongs. I was getting tired of it in the living room (I know...already!).

So there you have little piece of white and grey striped bliss. 

And if you don't remember what it looked like before...

This is what I've been up to lately.... :)

And I am eating WAY TOO MUCH salted caramel!!

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