Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nothing like a pink orchid on a hexagon tray to brighten my day!

It seems like every year, once March comes around, I crave a little bit of spring in my home.

I start random organizing projects.....I even clean under my couches. 

That sort of thing ;)

And yesterday, while the boys and I were "riding" the John Deere lawn tractors at Home Depot, I spotted this little pink beauty.

I love its tall branches and small, dainty (cherry-blossom-esque) blooms.

Just perfect on my new robin's egg blue hexagon tray!

And not to mention the cute little pink pot it came with! All for $12.99.

Good deal, right? 

Small price to pay for making my day a little brighter :)

I've been moving it around my living room....does it belong on the dresser below Toby's painting...?

Or on the dining room table?

Just thought I'd share a cheap little piece of colour that is bound to make you feel like spring is almost here! 

I simply cannot wait to put away the winter coats and boots and all that jazz. It is so exhausting just trying to get the boys out the door...fighting with them to put their coats/vests/boots/whatever on.
And I am all over spring my wardrobe right now....and totally freezing my butt off!


So worth it ;)


  1. what a pretty decor addition! I actually like it best on the dresser. It goes well with the painting!

  2. I agree with KristiMcMurry. It does really go well with the painting:)


  3. Oh I'm in love!!! Love it with the painting :)
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  4. The pink and blue look gorgeous together, I love it near the painting the colours are made for one another

  5. I was looking at some mini orchids at the grocery store this week..they are so pretty!

    I love it on the dresser..perfect!

  6. Jodi (The simply Inspired Home)

    I love, love the blooms you found. My little guy likes to play on the lawn mowers too!

    Yes, it sure is time for spring. I would bring out the spring wardwrobe if I had it!!

  7. I really like it best with the painting on the seems to have a strength there! and yet the softness of the shape & colour does make me yearn for spring!

    Oh yes...if you are free and feel like a drive May 28th...come to the 1st vintage market in
    Abbotsford! Lots of vendors & a really cute building in historic Clayburn Village!
    I can send you more info..or just catch it on my blog!

  8. oh i love that. the picture. the flower. the entire look is just so beatiful! good job!


  9. What a great pop of color....I am in LOVE with orchids, just can't seem to keep them blooming. Your son made that painting? It so beautiful! I would have never guessed a child made that.

  10. It's the perfect accompaniment to Toby's masterpiece. Love it.

  11. I'll have to side with the dresser people. Love it!

  12. Love the orchid on the dresser with Toby's painting!

  13. haha! so funny...i am only seeing your post now about wanting spring to be here...why are we always on the same wave-length!?
    i like the orchid on the dresser...the pinks and blue in tobes painting is perfect with the pot and tray!
    mar 19-april 4 i'm off work...playdate or mommy night out?!


Thank you so much for your comments! I love reading every single one :)

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