Monday, April 30, 2012

Captain Hook Pirate Party.....the details

As I'm sure you've already noticed, I tend to get a little bit caught up in the details.

hehe.....and I always generally end up burning myself out by the time the party actually happens....

but I love it.

I really do.

I love details :)

Our mantel gets switched up a lot in this house. There's not much else going on in the living room, so the mantel is an easy place to decorate.

I used an old black sheet to make the big flag, and very roughly sewed on a skull and crossbones. I made the bunting out of card stock and scrapbook paper, and then stenciled the lettering on with permanent black marker. 

The ship that you can see in the side of the picture is actually a cardboard pirate ship that I ordered online (two of them, actually). The kids loved them! I only just put them away yesterday because our boys were still enjoying them. I was surprised at how well they held up, and still have lots of life left in them :)

We painted them very quickly the night before the party (as you can see by the less-than-awesome paint job) ;)

The guest of honour....Captain Hook himself!

Toby made these anchors one day, out of scraps of black paper. He was so proud of himself for coming up with the design, and actually making it work :)

I had fun making the treasure map.....although things might have gotten just sliiiightly out of control while trying to burn holes in it. hehe

take note: not a great idea to do this in the middle of your living room floor ;)

These little treasure chests were inside the big treasure chest that the kids dug up at the end of the treasure hunt. Toby had a plan from the start....that each of his friends should have an individual treasure chest inside a big treasure chest filled with treasure. REAL treasure.....not chocolate coins...I was told! 

I stamped their initials on the top of the little treasure chests (As per Toby's instructions...and as you know...he's the boss!) ;)

Call me crazy, but I decided to make an army of small wooden pirate peg dolls (and some fairies thrown in for fun).  Oh was fun for about the first 5....but when you have to do 33 of them, it gets a liiitle bit tedious ;) 

I bagged them up in little cellophane bags, topped with black paper and tied with twine. A few chocolate gold coins were thrown in too.

I got the inspiration for these little guys at this amazing etsy shop here.  

Invitations post is here.

Treasure chest cake post is here.

More pirate fun to come.....


Monday, April 23, 2012

Captain Hook/Pirate Party Invitations...

I had a lot of fun making these invitations :)

I was seriously giggling away to myself as I added some stubble to the boys' chins. hah! 

Nothing quite like a 5 o'clock shadow on a chubby-cheeked little two year old ;)

When I showed it to the boys, they thought it was hilarious too! phew. Not too "Scary".

I found a photo that I'd taken of the boys a month or so back, and used my favourite (but, sadly, no longer existant) photo-editing site (Picnik) to add the pirate "accessories", beards, text, etc. I got them printed as 5"X7" photos and glued them to black card stock. I added a little torn piece of kraft paper for the "5", which I stamped and aged with black ink. Toby came to the conclusion that it must have been a clue that there was a real treasure map in the area somewhere. :)

The back was made using Picnik as well, and also printed on 5"X7" photo paper. I just cut out the large scroll shape and glued it on the back. I made envelopes out of kraft paper and double-sided tape and ripped the edges for the same worn look as a treasure map. I rubbed the edges in black ink (proved to be a LOT messier than I anticipated). But it worked to give it the "burnt" effect.

Bear with me......more Pirate stuff to come ;)

Tonight I'm off to the IKEA media cocktail event in anticipation of the GRAND OPENING of our new Richmond IKEA store on the 25th!

Can't wait!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Captain Hook Pirate Party......the Treasure Chest Cake

Today was the big day.

The day "Captain Hook" got his crew together to celebrate his 5th birthday :)

Not Toby's birthday.


Captain Hook's birthday.

Of course ;)

I knew it was coming.....the inevitable Pirate party. I tried to avoid it, in favour of some other less popular themes...but nope. It HAD to be a Captain Hook party :)

And to be honest, I had a lot of fun planning it!

There's just too much for one post, so this is just a little preview and a look at the treasure chest cake.

It was actually an easy cake to make. And Toby did a lot of the "decorating" stuffing as much loot into the "treasure chest" as possible, while nibbling on a little bit or two when I wasn't looking :) 

For a little man who can't have sugar (unless of course it's his birthday), he was absolutely thrilled with this cake!

It was pretty loaded with treasure. Just how he wanted it!

I used three 9"X 13" chocolate cakes, with a little wedge of hard rye bread (yes...really) wrapped in wax paper to prop the lid open. Don't judge. I was too lazy to make more cake ;) And it was much stronger than cake would have been!

The birthday boy post treasure hunt....sans costume......loaded down with every jewel possible :)

As soon as the candles were blown out, the smoke was still in the air and the little pirate hands were pillaging the treasure chest. Wayyy too much to resist ;)

More fun Captain Hook Pirate stuff to come.....when I get motivated to write another post. For's an early night for this pirate momma :)


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Zebra Skin Rug FOR SALE

So...this might be a liiiitle bit unorthodox, but I just wanted to let you all know (because I know these rugs are hard to find)...

I've just listed a zebra rug on ebay!

Here are a few pictures of the rug (in our office), as well as some pictures of other beeyoootiful rooms with zebra rugs :)

I love this neutral really makes the zebra rug stand out.

This room is so glamorous! Love the touches of gold against the zebra :)

huntley & co. | Spirited Refinement eclectic living room
Via:     Room: Huntley & Co

This office couldn't be more different than ours, but I love the rich colours and black lacquered desk.

Via Lonny Mag (July/Aug 2011)  Designer: Lauren Gold

I love love love the zebra rug on this whitewashed wood floor! This room has that "French" feel that I always gravitate towards.

I had no idea a zebra rug was so versatile! It works equally as well in a neutral room as it does up against pops of bright colour :) Love this happy room!

I've had a rotten head cold all week, and am just dying to feel "normal" again!! ugh. Hopefully at the tail end of it now :)


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