Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Learning with Hot Wheels

Happy Summer, everyone!

We are so enjoying this beautiful hot weather, and have been spending most of our time at the cottage! Our days have been spent playing at the beach, building a treehouse/zip line platform (yes, the boys and I did it ourselves...and it's actually standing!), chasing wild bunnies, picking blackberries, riding bikes and just having lots of good old fashioned fun :).

It's been such a lovely break from our usual routines of homeschool and activities, but when Hot Wheels got in touch with me to see if we would be interested in trying out their Hot Wheels Fundamentals learning program, I was all for it! (And so were the boys!). It's a program focused on making learning fun...and that's right up our alley! There are some fun summer activities for the kids to do when they need a break from the sun, and some downtime in the middle of the day.

We decided to try out the Cityscape activity, and it kept the boys busy as bees for quite a while. #win Yes....I actually got to sit back with a cup of tea and a book! Sweeeet! ;)

They coloured away, and folded and fiddled, and were so proud of their creations! 

The Cityscape activity can be downloaded for free here.

Thank you, Hot Wheels! We can't wait to check out even more learning activities when we start up our homeschooling again in September!

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