Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Nautical Baby Boy Shower for Malcolm

A very special little man came into the world perfect, snuggly little nephew....

Malcolm James!

He is utterly adorable...with the roundest, cutest little face you'll ever see! And those big brown eyes will just melt you :)  And the most wonderful thing is that he is only 9 weeks younger than our little Rory boy, so they are destined to be best buddies (even though they don't know that just yet!). 

I decided to host a little ladies' lunch to welcome this little man, and since he's been spending a lot of time in a little seaside cottage lately, I thought a nautical theme would be perfect :)

My beautiful sis (in law), Dayna...with the guest of honour :)

Look at this sweet baby! I wasn't lying...he really is THAT cute! Those cheeks. 

My tiny baby ( maybe he's not *so* tiny anymore..but he's tiny to me!) getting some snuggles.

Dayna and I with our littlest men.

And no...before you start wondering..."where on earth did she get the time to do all that baking??" hehe.....I didn't! Are you kidding me??  Not even remotely possible ;) Thank you Thrifty Foods. 

I love doing the little decorating bits and bobs. It's relaxing to me :) I did this after the kids were in bed in the evening, or during nap time. You can do a lot with some scrapbook paper and a pair of scissors :)  Oh..and Toby helped me make the paper boats. 

My beautiful momma...holding my tiny baby :)

It was so unbelievably wonderful to have these two grannies here. They are the cutest! My granny in pink...(here from Ireland)...and Dayna's granny in blue.

Rory loves his auntie Dayna!

Cutest little smile!

It was a lovely relaxed lunch...with some very lovely ladies....and lots of baby snuggles.

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