Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Puppy "Paw"ty (Rory turns 2)

I cannot believe my tiny baby is 2!


How did that happen so quickly?  I get it now. I get it that the days are long and the years are short. 

Because they really are! And there were definitely some loooong days in there ;) But somehow they still fly by, and before you know it your tiny baby is no longer quite so tiny. His chubby little roly-poly legs have grown longer and he's lost his rolls.  *sob* 

I think it's just hitting me harder with this little man because this is the last time we're planning to go through this whole baby stage, and I just want to savour every little bit of his "baby-ness"! 

So, when the boy asked for a puppy party, a puppy party is what he got ;)

Anytime I asked him what he'd like to have at his puppy party, the answer would be..

"ummm....shmarties....aaaaand puppies....aaaand shmarties (smarties)"

I asked him if he would like a cake, or cupcakes... his answer.... "PUP cakes" :)

Perfect. Done. 

(well, sort of. He didn't seem to care that they looked like gremlins)

The only problem was that big brother Finny had to go under anaesthetic for dental work a couple of days before the party, so we decided to have a very small party to keep stress levels down for this mama (I was a nervous wreck in the days leading up to Finny's surgery, and it took me the good part of a week before I felt back to normal anxiety-wise).  

I wanted to prepare as much of the food, etc beforehand as I could, so I decided to serve it "picnic" style in little brown bags/baskets. The kids, I mean "Puppies", ate out of doggie dishes (new ones, of course!) around a low table, as doggies do ;). 

My blue-eyed birthday boy! 

(serious business, this "Happy Birthday" thing ;)

When I ask him about his puppy party, he says "Eweebody shing...Hhappy Buhhhhfday dear Woweeee" and "Niiiiishe puppies....nishe pupcakes!!" 

I think he approved. ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bunny turns 50!

I think I've hit a new level of crazy ;) 
But, before you think I've gone completely nuts by throwing a birthday party for a bunny puppet....let me explain...

This is Bunny.

He belongs to Finny, who apparently met him in the wild, and says that it was the best day of his and bunny's whole life.

Bunny actually came to our home by way of a sweet lady who we've never actually met. She sent a gift to our family when Rory was born, and Finny adopted Bunny. As soon as I put him on my hand, he became part of our family too (along with a new baby brother, of course).

That was two years ago. Bunny is still going strong.

 Finny's imagination is so vivid that he talks to Bunny as though he's a very real friend, and won't even get changed in front of him! ;) 

In fact, Bunny has been a huge help in many situations...going places with Finny to make him feel more comfortable, or helping him face his fear of ditches (yes...ditches).  I've overheard more cute conversations between Finny and his beloved Bunny than I can count, most of which end in ..."Oh Bunny, we'll be together fowevuh. I love you, and I'll always keep you safe" :) *melt*

So, when Finny informed me that Bunny had a milestone birthday coming up, how could we NOT have a proper little celebration??  

"Mama...Bunny told me that he's only going to be 49 for a few more weeks, and then he's turning 50...and once he turns 50, he would like us to call him Rabbit!"  heehee. 

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

So, we had a very small, but very fun Bunny party.

And yes, I made a "Bunny is 50" banner. A new level of crazy.

*Bunny's present and card from Finny) :)

Fenton and his bunny "Big Ears" brought Bunny a birthday present of chocolate Lindt carrots! Bunny really enjoyed those! ;)

Children's imaginations are magical, and I'm so lucky to be able to join in on the adventures :).  I truly believe in keeping them little for as long as possible. There's so much push to have kids grow up so quickly it seems, and this precious little time is so so short.

 So, as crazy as it seems, we're going to grab every opportunity to be silly. 

Why not, right? :)

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