Sunday, July 25, 2010

An evening in South Beach, Point Roberts WA

I'm the worst blogger in the world lately...

Blame it on the beautiful summer weather.

I just simply can't get enough of it! 

Our days have been spent playing at the beach, walking into our little town with the boys in the Radio Flyer wagon, splashing in our paddling pool, eating al just don't get much better than that!

Yesterday evening we had supper at the most amazing little restaurant, just over the border in Point Roberts, WA. (Point Roberts is a small piece of the USA, located at the end of a peninsula just 10 minutes from our house).

Thanks to Fraser (my brother) and Dayna for introducing us to this place. 

Fine...I'll admit it.

You were right.

It's awesome.

(there...I said it)

Everything about this place is perfect!

Beachfront location where the boys can play while you're waiting for your dinner.....check.

Delicious west coast food....check.

Casual atmosphere where kids are welcome, but isn't the usual chicken strips and fries type place...check.

Tables outside on the grass, overlooking a beautiful view of the Pacific...check.

I really could go on.

I know this is kind of redundant for those of you who don't live anywhere near here, but if you happen to live around've got to head across the border to the little South Beach House restaurant!

Two mommas coming back from a dual nursing session in the car. And by that I mean me in my car and Dayna in hers.....because our boys are so easily distracted these days! 

Auntie Dayna with Tobes and her little Fenton.

Poor little Fenton just cut his first tooth. Hence the hand firmly planted in the mouth.

Our attempt to get a family photo.....hah! 

Whatever....these pictures capture the chaos of our life right now :) 

I like that.

This next one makes me laugh....Dustin "It's so flippin bright!"....Toby "Mama...I have a prickle in my foot"....Me "Can anyone ever just look at the camera??".....Finn "Birdies?? Any Birdies?" :)

FINE....put the sunglasses back on!

There you have it....another 'somewhat boring to everyone but me' family-oriented post ;) 

I day soon I will have a beautiful newly-painted bedroom to show you. 

One day....


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Currant Jam

I was inspired by my beautiful friend Lindsay yesterday, when she told us that her and Owen (Toby's little buddy) were heading home to make some jam together...

It just doesn't get a lot more "summer" than that!


So...when Toby asked (for the millionth time in about 5 minutes)...

 "So, Momma....what should we do?"

I said "Let's make some jam!"

It just so happened that the cute little red currant bush in our front garden was weighed down with bunches of beautiful translucent red currants! 

Toby had so much fun picking the currants, dressed in nothing but his little undies! :)

He said "Momma...we're such a good team!"


Just look at that bright red colour! 

I can't help but think of all the antioxidants :)
I decided to make red currant jam instead of the traditional jelly, mostly because I can't bear to throw away all the goodness that's in the fruit! (So...I'm just a *little* bit granola....what're you gonna do?)

I sweetened the jam with pear juice and honey (and a little bit of organic sugar), and it's just perfect!

If you're going to do this, you need to use the "No Sugar Needed" Pectin, though.  

For supper, I made bbq'd chicken thighs that I marinated in the red currant jam, as well as some red wine and rosemary from the garden.  I marinated them in the fridge for a half hour, and then popped them on the bbq.

Delish.  Seriously Delish.

There's just something quite nice about making something with fruit/herbs/veggies from your own garden.

I was feeling all old-school.

And I kind of liked it :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm not the only stripe addict, it seems...

My lovely friend, Donna, sent me this image from the latest "Style at Home" magazine...


of course.

I've been considering re-painting my bedroom with a striped wall....any thoughts? 

Too much? Just a little feature wall behind the bed? a subtle stripe....maybe a very light grey?

I'd love to hear your opinion :)

I love stripes, and quite frankly, I don't care if they go out of style.

I think they're classic.

This bedroom just looks so dreamy to me...subtle stripes.

Image from Coastal Living

Ange at "Chair Up" has these gorgeous striped walls in her home. I love her eclectic style and how she paired the lovely pink floral chair with the bold grey stripes.

Another bold grey and white striped wall....from Apartment Therapy.

Or maybe I should just get some new Pottery Barn Bedding :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

GRAND OPENING---> Etsy Shop @ My House of Giggles

So here it is....

My very own little etsy shop!

Come on in and browse around :)

Newport Beach inspired paintings

Vintage Up-cycled Cake Stands

photos above by Donna Vercoe 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Mama...did you know it's Canada's birfday??"

Yes,'re right! :)

Happy Canada Day, to all my fellow Canadians!

We had a fun day today....

Pancake breakfast in our little town, 

Yummy red and white strawberry shortcake,

Live Celtic music from the East Coast,

and dancing......can't forget the dancing :)

(c'mon...can anyone actually stand still while listening to Celtic music?)

Doubt it.

(this little girl was so cute in all the red and white frills...and she was definitely not standing still)

As for Toby, he required a "warm up" all real dancers do. When I was taking these pictures with my zoom lens, he had the cutest little shy look on his face :). 

Gone are the uninhibited public dance shows.....sniff. 

My little boy is growing up.

As for my little Finn....he was having a great time dancing (aka bouncing) with his granddad (mostly known as Didda)

Finny doing what Finny does best...face eating.

Toby loves his Nanny :)  (my mom)

Last week, there was an air show in our little town...this glider was so beautiful! 

Completely quiet and so graceful.

Toby was, of course, very impressed with the airplanes.

Cool dude shades and all :)

My brother, Fraser with his little Fenton....and our Finny :) 

He's a Remax realtor, so he was there manning the booth.

And my lovely sister Shannon, and sister-in-law Dayna... :) 

Also working the Remax booth!

Me with my dad, and little Finny :) 

He's the best dad you could ever have.

Without a doubt.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! 


Happy Fourth of July to all of my American friends!


Did you ever want to be a ballerina?

I did.

I really really did. 

Everything about ballet is just so pink and airy and beautiful. 

I know the reality of being a ballerina is so very far from my little ballet dream world, but I like to think it's just as lovely as I always imagined.

I started ballet classes when I was 24 at a wonderful dance school, with a delightful french teacher and live piano music. I loved every single minute of it. I wasn't very good, but it beats the gym for me any day! 

By far.

Maybe one day I'll be a ballerina again.

But for now....I'll just gaze at my shoes and dream :)

oh...and take pictures of course.

This sad little ballerina fell out of her jewelry box, 

and is now waiting in the wings for her big moment....

in my dining hutch.

I was having fun with photo editing :)

Why are old tattered ballet shoes so lovely to me?

Is it just me?

Any real ballerinas out there? :)

Or other pretend ones like me?
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