Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress......princess perfection.

Could she be any more beautiful??

She looked amazing! 

In my opinion, she chose the perfect dress for the occasion. 

(designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen)

It's absolutely timeless.

I'm pretty sure Grace Kelly wore a similar style....I'm going to have to look that up :)

My boys and I watched the wedding (not real-time because that was at 3am here, and I just know that it would have left me burnt out for the next week!) this morning, and they loved it! Toby was completely mesmerized by the Princess, and Prince, and Queen, and "Knights" riding horses.....and little Finny wouldn't stop shouting "Me come....Me GO....Finny Go...NEIGHHHH!....I GO"...haha....he was trying to get it across to us that he wanted to join William and Kate in the horse-drawn carriage! :)

*Sigh*.....there she is with her Prince!

I'm pretty sure she couldn't look any happier!

What a beautiful event!
Congratulations to Will and Kate!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little Royal Wedding Memorabilia....just because I can't resist!

Since the Royal Wedding is the day after tomorrow.....

and I'm all in the mood for British stuff after finishing my Union Jack Dresser,

I thought I'd do a little post filled with some of the "cooler" memorabilia out there :)

*in my opinion, anyways*

There is some WEIRD "Will and Kate" stuff being sold out me. 


I threw in a few pics of London town, just to get us in the mood :)

My lucky sister, Shannon, just landed there this morning! (My brother surprised her with a ticket to London for the Royal Wedding!) 

no....obviously she's not going to be AT the wedding...but it's just fun to be in the city for the event!

I'm only just a very teeeeensy bit jealous ;)

                                                                                                             Source: \



Look at all the preparations!!


Doesn't it just make you want to have a little high tea?




And Hunter can't be British without a pair of those! ;)
My Auntie Heather surprised me with a navy blue pair a few years back, on our last trip to Ireland, and I love them!


If they were good enough for Princess Di, then they're good enough for me ;)





Even Gucci is jumping on the bandwagon!



Gotta throw in some Burberry because what is more British than that, right? 






Wish I were there!! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

A pink Union Jack dresser...for Royal Wedding week!

I found this adorable old dresser at a yard sale....while we were out on our sunny-day bike ride on Saturday.....

Nice curves and casters....what more could you ask? :)

I've been itching to do a little project, and considering it's the Royal Wedding this week...

I figured I'd jump on the Union Jack bandwagon!

Just in a slightly untraditional "girly" way :)

It's hard to tell in the pictures since the lighting was really bad, but it's actually a very light coral pink, with grey and white stripes.

I wanted it to look a little rough and worn, so I hand-painted the white stripes after having taped off the grey ones (they just looked a little too perfect for my liking).

So here she sits in our front entrance...mostly because I simply have nowhere else to put her right now.

Once we finish our basement reno, I think I'll use her for my "craft/sewing" area.

But for now, she's housing shoes and bags and Hunter wellies :)

Love those little brass keyholes!

I added some new dark pewter style knobs, mostly because that's all I had on hand....but I actually kind of like them. Not perfect, but they'll do for now until something better comes along :)

And those are my fave little vintage silver flats under there. I found them basically brand new, for $3, and have worn them almost every day since. They just happen to go with everything!

Anyways....there she is.....a little piece of my British heritage! (I figure I qualify as being British...both my parents are British, and although I was born here, I could have just as easily have been born weird.)

ps....two posts in one day???? what??? ;)

A happy little Easter weekend

Happy Easter to all of you!

We've been having a great weekend over here in Vancouver, BC. 

The sun was shining, and the air was the warmest it's been this year so far.


We started it all off on Thursday, with a little late-morning tea at the Secret Garden Tea Company.

Kind of a crazy thing to do with 3 little boys in tow (Toby, Finn and cousin Fenton).

Ok...a *really* crazy thing to do.

But we did it.

We took the boys out for a tea party.

And look at them! They LOVED it!

They look deceivingly angelic here.....hehe......let's just pretend they were, for the purpose of this post :)

Fenton looked so dapper in his little cap :) He was somewhat mesmerized by the mini gong show down at the other end of the table.

It was Dayna's birthday a few weeks back, and we'd been trying to make it down here since then....but between family-wide stomach bugs, and the like, it took us this long to finally make it happen!

We are so excited to have our Granny here from Ireland for another 2 months!! (she was meant to go home a few weeks back, but it turns out that it's better for her to stay until June). She is so lovely in every way. (My mom's mom) She sings to the boys, and sneaks them treats, and they love their "GG" :)

After the tea house, we came home and did some spring cleaning.

Finny just realized it wasn't getting done, so he took it upon himself to get the place into shape ;)

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast with the Easter Bunny.

This was as close as Toby was getting....he did manage a cute little wave, though.

It was at our local rec center and they did a great job!

The best part was, of course, the egg hunt!

Busy busy boys....heads distractions.......hardcore dino tattoos and all ;)

Tobes and Molly seemed fairly pleased with their "booty" :)

(is that a word??...or does it just mean bum?;) hehe

Finny was a champion egg-finder.....except he would put all his eggs in random kids' baskets...

He became quite popular with the older crowd ;)

A couple shots of spring in our front I sat on my chair in the sunshine, watching the boys playing around. 

I'm looking forward to many, many more days like this :)

Bring on the summer!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dragon Party (part 2)

The first dragon party post was all about the party details...

This one is all about the people :)

One very special little person, mostly.

Here's the birthday boy, on the day before the party.

His "Didda" (aka grandad) was coming to take him to the John Deere dealership. Yes....that, to Toby, is quite a big deal. As you can see, he immediately had to find his John Deere hat, and matching green sweater, as well as his "dirty" jeans ("Just like Didda....cause he's a farmer, mamma") ;) Oh, and of course, we can't forget the work boots (yes, he has a pair). 

So, off he went, pleased as punch, for some special pre-birthday "Didda" time, while I got to get the party preparations done!

And what a fun party it was! Here's the lucky birthday boy opening pressies!

He has already played with each and ever single one. He said before he went to sleep last night..."I just love my friends" :)

The dragon cake took a few hours to make, and about 3 minutes to destroy ;) Little Finny was chanting "Cake....cake.....I wanna cake....i wanna cake" 

The whole room went very quiet very quickly, though. Important business, cake eating ;)

The dragon's egg hunt was pretty fun too! It was honestly hard to tell which dragon was which....since they all looked the same! Running around, filling their little bags with chocolate eggs.

I got a kick out of little Fenton (Toby and Finn's cousin) because he was the most realistic dragon...crawling around on all fours :), with his little tail dragging behind him.

And little Hannah....she came prepared! Cutest little dragon ever!

Josie and Molly were the two little princesses at the party. Toby's favourite girls :)

And here's the birthday boy himself....doing a quick "tail check" ;)

Josie was so cute here....she was sharing her eggs with Tobes!

Meanwhile....little Finny was happily hanging out on the trampoline....little did I know, he was munching down chocolate eggs, tin foil wrapper and all. Well, he managed to get *some* of the wrapper off... his egg-hunting bag was left in the wind... 

Two little men, munching on their marshmallow dragons

Uncle Fraser, Auntie Dayna and little Fenton arrived at the party with a very exciting, very crazy gift for Tobes....and, as you can was a hit!!! 

And not only that....they also got him this "huge HUGE big boy bike" (Toby's words). And big-boy BMX gloves to match.

What a very very lucky boy!

Auntie Shannon arrived at the party, and was greeted with big hugs from Finn :)

Didda made it to the party as well....just in time for some cake :) Toby was SO excited!!

And he even brought his new John Deere lawn mower, on a trailer behind his truck.....which the boys were VERY excited about sitting on!

Here's Gavin and Cole....Toby and Finny's special buddies :) I can just picture them all when they're older....wreaking havoc, and giving their momma's heart attacks and the like. 

Toby's cousin Fenton is his "favourite baby" :) As he puts it. He said tonight that "Fenton is so cute, mom. I think he loves me the most because he thinks I'm so funny"

I'm pretty sure it's true :)

Here's Finn....Toby's little sidekick :) And "best friend in the whole world".

Green icing face and all ;)

Shan, Me and Dayna.....a sister shot :)

I love how birthdays bring everyone together :) 
Thanks for coming, everyone!

Our little Toby boy had the best birthday ever thanks to you all!


Kids' Party Invitations at Minted
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