Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dragon Party (part 2)

The first dragon party post was all about the party details...

This one is all about the people :)

One very special little person, mostly.

Here's the birthday boy, on the day before the party.

His "Didda" (aka grandad) was coming to take him to the John Deere dealership. Yes....that, to Toby, is quite a big deal. As you can see, he immediately had to find his John Deere hat, and matching green sweater, as well as his "dirty" jeans ("Just like Didda....cause he's a farmer, mamma") ;) Oh, and of course, we can't forget the work boots (yes, he has a pair). 

So, off he went, pleased as punch, for some special pre-birthday "Didda" time, while I got to get the party preparations done!

And what a fun party it was! Here's the lucky birthday boy opening pressies!

He has already played with each and ever single one. He said before he went to sleep last night..."I just love my friends" :)

The dragon cake took a few hours to make, and about 3 minutes to destroy ;) Little Finny was chanting "Cake....cake.....I wanna cake....i wanna cake" 

The whole room went very quiet very quickly, though. Important business, cake eating ;)

The dragon's egg hunt was pretty fun too! It was honestly hard to tell which dragon was which....since they all looked the same! Running around, filling their little bags with chocolate eggs.

I got a kick out of little Fenton (Toby and Finn's cousin) because he was the most realistic dragon...crawling around on all fours :), with his little tail dragging behind him.

And little Hannah....she came prepared! Cutest little dragon ever!

Josie and Molly were the two little princesses at the party. Toby's favourite girls :)

And here's the birthday boy himself....doing a quick "tail check" ;)

Josie was so cute here....she was sharing her eggs with Tobes!

Meanwhile....little Finny was happily hanging out on the trampoline....little did I know, he was munching down chocolate eggs, tin foil wrapper and all. Well, he managed to get *some* of the wrapper off... his egg-hunting bag was left in the wind... 

Two little men, munching on their marshmallow dragons

Uncle Fraser, Auntie Dayna and little Fenton arrived at the party with a very exciting, very crazy gift for Tobes....and, as you can was a hit!!! 

And not only that....they also got him this "huge HUGE big boy bike" (Toby's words). And big-boy BMX gloves to match.

What a very very lucky boy!

Auntie Shannon arrived at the party, and was greeted with big hugs from Finn :)

Didda made it to the party as well....just in time for some cake :) Toby was SO excited!!

And he even brought his new John Deere lawn mower, on a trailer behind his truck.....which the boys were VERY excited about sitting on!

Here's Gavin and Cole....Toby and Finny's special buddies :) I can just picture them all when they're older....wreaking havoc, and giving their momma's heart attacks and the like. 

Toby's cousin Fenton is his "favourite baby" :) As he puts it. He said tonight that "Fenton is so cute, mom. I think he loves me the most because he thinks I'm so funny"

I'm pretty sure it's true :)

Here's Finn....Toby's little sidekick :) And "best friend in the whole world".

Green icing face and all ;)

Shan, Me and Dayna.....a sister shot :)

I love how birthdays bring everyone together :) 
Thanks for coming, everyone!

Our little Toby boy had the best birthday ever thanks to you all!


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  1. What an amazing party. I can't believe how boys are just drawn to John Deere. My son also loved tractors, his grandpa is a cattle farmer in Alberta so a trip to John Deere when we visited was always on the list. Funny I made a dragon cake when Alex was 4, took me forever to make - I can so relate :) Looks like you are having so much fun with your boys Tracy!!

  2. What a fun party and great memories (and photos!) to boot!

  3. AWE tigg, this post is excellent! Loved the party :) xox SHAN

  4. WHAT a great party for Toby. Reminds me of the pirate party I had for my son when he was his age. Grea memories for everyone.

  5. I just need to say AGAIN how awesome this party looks. You really did a superb job. And all the tots look like they had a blast. Toby reminds me of my older son too, love his grandpa, who is also a framer ;)

  6. I'm on the hunt for ideas for my little boys 3rd birthday party, which he has specified to be a dragon party. I've loved stumbling across your site. Thanks for sharing your ideas. It really looks like it was a special day. My fav. has been the fire breathing candles!


Thank you so much for your comments! I love reading every single one :)

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