Monday, February 28, 2011

Giggle Sweets Salted Caramels/Chocolate GIVEAWAY!!

Since My House of Giggles is about to hit 500 followers, I thought we might like to have a little caramel party :) to speak.

Ok...totally not a party......but there *is* salted caramel involved ;)

As most of you have already figured out....I've started a little candy business.

And I'm not really one to toot my own horn.....honestly...I'm not...

But this stuff is gooooood! 

TOO good for me to have around the house all the time.'s about time I shared a little :)

Just leave me a comment to let me know which treat you'd like me to send you, and you're entered in the giveaway.

If you're a serious caramel addict, then feel free to tweet about it, facebook about it, "like" our facebook page, put a little link on your sidebar.....and you'll be entered again :)

If you're completely amazing, like the lovely Deb over at Cappuccino Cottage, you could always feel free to blog about Giggle Sweets! If you do, I'll enter your name 3 more times!!

(*just make sure to leave an extra comment to let me know what you've done*)

The winner gets to choose $20 of yummy Giggle Sweets.... (we will pay the shipping of course)

What's your favourite?..

We even do cute little wedding favors, if you happen to be planning a wedding :)

Giveaway ends on Monday, March 7th



ps...head over to Michelle's blog... Every Little's the last day to enter the CSN giveaway!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just another winter's day at our house...

I am done with winter.

Seriously done.

And we've had a very mild winter (as usual) here in Vancouver.

But my perfect world, winter would come into town around Dec. 1st, just in time for me to get all cozy and ready for Christmas, and then would simply disappear around New Year's day, and turn sunny and warm for the rest of the year.

Sound good?


Nevertheless...we make do with indoor "activities" on rainy/gross days...

There's nothing quite like a laundry hamper for some real, down-home fun, right? :)

Seriously...these boys could play "gophers", or "skunks", or "dragons" in there for hours. 

But we lucked out this week with some sunny days!

The boys were every bit as excited as I was to get out in the sun. (Even if it *was* only 8 deg celc)

We'll take what we can get!

Here's my little hazel-eyed Finn :)

And my blue-eyed Toby boy.

It honestly makes all of the somewhat stressful, out of control days worthwhile when I see my two little monkeys playing so nicely together. 

They actually really and truly play together now and it's so cute I could die!

This is a very typical "I'm watching my big brother, and trying to figure out how to do what he's doing" look :)

And then the evenings....

they can get a little wild.

Haha.....before 7 pm, that is ;) (our kids are early to bed/early to rise types)

This "do a header over the back of the couch and come up grinning" game is always a hit.

(don't worry....they are NOT landing on the floor!...there's a padded bench seat on the other side, with a very fluffy sheepskin that they land on)

So...there you have it....a typical winter day around here.

Sorry for the boring post, and the lack of any awesome creative inspiration around here...

But I'm up to my ears in salted caramel.....finally got up and running!

Keep posted for two awesome giveaways in the next week or so! 


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Vintage "Chair/Table" Makeover it's been WAYYYy too long since I've done any sort of furniture makeover.

I'm sure most of you are wondering what on earth I've been up to....

Or not.

And really, I've just been busy with life. 

Life with two little boys, and one big boy.

And honestly, I don't know where the days go. They fly on by, filled with park visits and Candyland (yes...that game from the 80s! or was it 90s?), building rockets and temper tantrums (when said rockets are promptly destroyed by little brothers who wake up just a little bit too soon from their naps).

That sort of thing:)

But....somehow.....I did manage to fit in a little project. And honestly, it was kind of therapeutic. 

This chair was a bit of a castaway.....someone didn't want it anymore, and they thought I might like it :) I *that* obvious? 


Anyways.....I wish I'd remembered to take a before picture, but I was just simply too excited to get started on a long-overdue project, that I completely forgot. give you an idea, this chair here is probably my chair's cousin....from the "corporate" world ;) wasn't exactly my cup of tea.

So....I mixed up a little light grey paint ( usual....added a little teensy bit of black to my white latex), and rolled it on.

I recovered the seat with a cabana-striped fabric that I found at Fabricana (local store in Richmond, BC), and I'm so happy I chose this one! (thanks, Dayna!) I was deliberating over whether to go with something busier and a little less "me", but alas, a stripe girl I am, and a stripe girl I'll be :)

So sue me.

It's sort of a funny little chair, with its built-in table and all. I wasn't sure where to put it, and am still considering selling it. Dustin doesn't think we *need* another chair in the house. 

But when is it actually ever a case of *needing*. 

Really.'s currently sitting in our living room, beside the fireplace, and I think it might be here to stay.

Although, our little Finn just discovered it today, and he's a crazy climbing-obsessed 15 month old, and the chair might become a bit of a hazard. We'll see.

So, here I am, happily taking photos....and...

In comes the deadly duo.....

"Baby Skunk" number one (yes..I said's what we ARE these days...apparently...a small skunk family, who live in a nest in the living room). I happen to be the mama skunk. 

Oh my.

And his trusty sidekick....."Baby Baby Skunk"

On his "Wheely Cow"....and let me tell you, he'd deadly fast on that little thing.

Game over.

Will have to make do with whatever pictures I've got. 

The photo shoot has been interrupted by a whirlwind of craziness....also known as Tobes and Finny :)

So there you have it.

A little project....and a little piece of my daily life.

And right now, my two little angels are fast asleep...

I've finished my Giggle Sweets caramel batch for the evening...

and I'm going to have an early night! :)

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