Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eco-couture...a part of my past.

So...I used to make bags. It was a lot of fun and more than a lot of work. I was lucky enough to sell quite a few of them, but then I became pregnant with Toby and my back was aching so the industrial sewing machine was put into storage. One day I will get it out and start day....
These are a few of the bags that were sold. They're all made from recycled thrift-shop leather skirts/jackets/belts/jewelry, etc. They're actually pretty easy to make, if you start with a leather skirt as a base because the waistband is used for the bag opening and doesn't require any extra sewing/finishing. Just sew on a belt for the strap and embellish with whatever else you can find that inspires you.....and there you go. The bag is already lined with the original skirt lining. The only problem is that leather is tough on a regular sewing machine....I literally burned mine out. This is where the heavy-duty walking-foot machine comes in handy. These picture are all I have left of "Tracey-Lynn Eco-Couture". Sadly, my website has been retired and apart from the Rubbermaid containers full of leather scraps and belts piled in my garage, you'd never know it existed. Oh well....a fun chapter in my life.


  1. Thank you so much for visiting is lovely to meet another Vancouverite..your blog is amazingly lovely and so filled with wonderful ideas. I Love the idea of the painting/photo from your past post!!!! I just had to follow you!

  2. OK so I finally found your blog I was putting just "House of giggles" not "my house of giggles"... first of all I love your slip covers where did you get them? I live in south Florida and as I see you live in BC . You must be enjoying the Olympics we are also.My hubby and I were in Whistler several years ago.. we had a blast but, I am not as athletic as my husband...there are some scary mountains up there...any how It looks like you have been blogging for almost a year ..I wanted to know if you got help with your blog or are you just technically talented? lol hope to hear from you soon...oh and enjoy your slipcovers...suzanne pignato oh by the way i was reading on another blog you will get more comments if you turn the word verification off...sometimes people don't want to take the time to do

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