Monday, April 26, 2010

A typical afternoon...

Meet "Little Purry" and "Little Monkey"...

...they are Toby's faithful fan club.
 They've been set here strategically, up on their perch, watching the "big huge running bike rider" (Toby's words). "Am I still three, mom?"...."I'm so huge!"

Here he is:

And here's his most loyal fan. 

Hands down.

 He looks at his big brother with absolute wonder and amazement....and it makes all those sleepless nights and endless hours of bouncing on a yoga ball worthwhile when I see it :)

 [yes, we're in a major "going to sleep" rut and he likes to be bounced on the yoga ball]. 

Little Purry and Little Monkey started off on the chair, but soon had to be a part of the race. Of course.

Sadly, Little Monkey had a bit of a fall. Like little monkeys sometimes do. Toby said he was being too crazy.

No worries...we tucked him back in beside his purry pal and off they went again...


Toby decided that they'd probably be safer on momma's knee! He set them up like this, and they looked too darn ridiculous, I just had to take a picture. :)

or two..

Sorry...totally random post....just a little peek into how I spend most of my afternoons :) In our front driveway. With my boys. xo


  1. oh Tracey how sweet, thanks for sharing a peek into your lovely afternoon on the driveway...

  2. my son did the same thing when he was that age. so fun!! i love seeing little boys being compassionate. it's just wonderful.

  3. That is so cute! I loved this post...your boys are adorable!

  4. Cute kids Tracey! What a wonderful afternoon...
    Li :-)

  5. Very cute. It is lovely they are so sweet to each other. Bike riding is such a milestone skill.

  6. Oh Tracey how gorgeous are your boys!!! What a lovely post:) How wonderful that they get on so well and how clever is Toby on his bike:) Little Purry and Little Monkey are adorable too!! Thanks for sharing your fun afternoon! Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  7. Everyday-life with kids, amazing if you ask me. I love your pictures and I feel very much reminded of my own afternoon adventures here =)

    A hug from

  8. Oh Tracey, your kids are so sweet! I enyojed also reading about Little Purry and Little Monkey! I have a 1 year old daughter and we spend most of the afternoons at the park running, going on the swing or on the slide!


  9. what a heartwarming post!!! Lovely boys, and the oldest is so HUGE;))))))(yes I know how I make little friends;)))
    This is life isn;t it??


  10. So adorable...enjoy those sweet times. ...looks like you are. Hugs. xo

  11. Too're one lucky lady!

  12. So cute !!...enjoy those sweet times!!!

    Love and hugs Ria

  13. Beautiful boys, Tracey!!
    Victoria @ DesignTies


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