Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Dwell Studio Pillows to spruce up the living room...

Since our summer weather has been less than ideal here in Vancouver, I needed to "self-medicate" with something new to look at in the living room (we've been spending WAYYY too many days indoors lately...UGH!).

So....on yet another rainy morning, I packed up the boys and headed for a super-fun trip to Fabricana :) 

I know...I know.....not your typical summer's day activity.

Don't worry....there happens to be a ride-on horse in the store that goes forEVER on a quarter. It's old-school, and fairly dodgy, but the boys love it.

Anyways....they happen to have very reasonably priced fabric, with a good selection of Dwell Studio (by Robert Allen) patterns :) I had a hard time choosing one or two, but ended up with the "Gate" pattern in Charcoal and the "Vintage Blossom" in Jade. LOVE THEM!

I whipped up 3 very simple pillow covers, added some trusty IKEA down inserts, and plopped them onto my sofa. Isn't it great how a couple of new cushions can just make your day that much better :)

ok..maybe that's just me.

I paired them with an adorable birdcage pillow that I bought from Raggy Girl Vintage at the Ivory Vintage Market

I have 4 ratty old dining room chairs that are half-painted in my garage, waiting to be rescued and spruced up. My goal is to have them finished in the next 2 weeks. 

We'll see how that goes. Judging by my current track's not looking too promising ;)


  1. These are gorgeous! I am made pathetically happy by looking at new pillows, so don't apologize!

    So sorry the weather's so crappy there!

  2. LOVE them!!! I've been eyeing the same fabric :D

  3. I am easily picked up by new pillows! You've inspired me into thinking of a new pillow combo for fall.

  4. They're wonderful, Tracey!! Love the mix of things. That pillow you purchased from Tracey is perfect too! I can't wait until I can start purchasing fabric for pillows and things. The renos keep me from the fun stuff :-/


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