Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pink Geraniums on a black and white patio

There's just something about pink geraniums that make me happy

They're so bright and summery and "French" :)

It's amazing the difference that flowers make to a patio!

We've been enjoying our deck so much! I love just leaving the doors open, and using it as a part of our house. I love summer!! Now if this weather would just cooperate, that'd be great.

We got a new barbecue, and it's awesome! So so nice to have one that actually works for a change :)

Even the boys loved having their own plant on their little table...



  1. Pink Black and White is the hottest combo. Love it! Your mirror looks great outside, I'm contemplating where to hang mirrors outside too, I think they really add another dimension and look gorgeous with their reflections.

  2. Beautiful job! I love the white pot that looks all lacey at the top.

  3. Love the turquoise top on the kids table...ok, so where did you get that sunshine from?? it certainly wasnt at my place on Saturday!!
    Grrr, some summer...I tortured myself by looking at photos from June last year...the kids were in the pool, and basically running around without shirts all day long!!
    chat soon!

  4. So in love with this. The rug is spectacular and the black and white awning stripe is probably my favorite pattern ever. Classic and clean and it goes with everything. Then you pop with the bright pink flowers and I am over the moon. :)
    Pam @ BeColorful

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