Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer has begun with a day at the fair...and the beach...

Summer is here....summer is HERE!!!

Ok...well, it's still spring, but it'll do for now....we hit 26 degrees in our front driveway on Saturday, and that feels pretty summery to me :)

Last weekend, our little town had its annual "May Days Fair". Toby said "My favourite days is Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween and the FAIR!!!" :) 

He was so excited for a ride on the Ferris Wheel....and chose mama to be his escort. eeeek. I am NOT a fan. Not at all. 

And as it turns out, he wasn't a fan of it either. By the time we were half-way to the top, the poor little man was in full melt-down mode and we had to flag down Dada to have the man get us down off the thing.

Oh my. 

What's life without any commotions, though, right? ;)

(that's us at the very bottom right of the photo)

This was pre-shreaking-meltdown.

But, nothing like a cupcake to make boys smile:)

Armed with his little buddy Owen, Toby was brave enough to ride the "Dragon-coaster" all on his own!! This is a first.

And look at those cute little faces, a little apprehensive while waiting for it to start, and then full of glee once that dragon got moving!

We just couldn't believe that there was not one, but TWO dragon rides at our little fair!! It made one small dragon-lovin' boy very happy.

Nothing quite like riding your own dragon into the sky!

He had so much fun at the fair that we went back 4 times. read that right....4 times in one weekend.


Need I mention that we live somewhat low-key lives? ;) 

On another note...

...I got a new beach bag...

Nothing like a beach bag to inspire a trip to the beach :)

Doesn't it just brighten your day looking at it? $20 at the Gap outlet. 

I'm pretty sure we'll be spending a lot of time here this summer...

The boys were so pre-occupied with the sand, and water, and big logs, that I actually got to relax a litte.


This big piece of drift wood was a source of much adventure. 

It was a skunk nest, then a bunny's burrow, and a rocket at one point....oh the possibilities...

The boys found out that Owen and Hannah were headed to the beach today, and we thought it was a great idea!

The boys had a great time on their obstacle course of large drift wood logs...

And of course, what big brother does....little brother must do also ;)

aww...our little Finny. Such a fun age right now.

Nothing quite like this view of Mt.Baker from my blanket on the beach :)

And I even got a bit of a tan, and much needed vitamin D, to boot!


I hope this summer goes on and on and on...... because we've got lots of beaching to do.


  1. Yes! We will join you. We had a fabulous beach day on Sunday and vowed to spend many more there this summer. Beautiful!

  2. We love the fair too! That is often our kickoff event for summer. I am not a fan of the ferris wheel either! But my son likes it so he has to ride with Daddy. I love all the pics, your boys are adorable!

  3. Thank goodness the sun has arrived! I'm with you... hoping the summer lasts a long time! Looking forward to meeting in person next weekend!

  4. I agree! This weekend in Seattle was lovely and Mt Rainier was out! Love these summer sunny pictures!

  5. Love your pictures adorable boys!..yeah for sun!

  6. Yes please! I want the summer to go on and on too!!! I can't wait till it is consistent. These pics are lovely and your little ones are so darn cute! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend :)
    Nancy xo


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