Sunday, May 23, 2010

A baby girl shower.....loving all the PINK!

Sorry for the long silence at My house of Giggles! Dustin was away all last week, and I was somewhat out of control! The boys and I went to stay with my lovely sister, Shannon, who was so helpful at providing backup....thank goodness for sisters!! (it so happens that my parents were away at the same time as my husband!) *cue small panic attack here*.

Anyways....we survived.

Needless to say, I have a very great respect for all you single mommas out there.....and for those of you whose husbands are away a are SUPERMOMS! 


Now....onto the baby shower....

My beautiful sister-in-law Dayna and I planned an intimate little  baby shower for our friend Christa, and her gorgeous new baby girl. 

It was a somewhat impromptu event, but we wanted it to be special, so we had some fun with the girly details :)

I made some tulle pompoms to hang in the window......don't they look like pretty little ballerinas? 

Dayna is so amazing.....she made this delicious (and I mean DElicious!) cake......all while looking after her little man Fenton, who is only 3 months! It's covered in ganache and so yummy. 

She left it in my fridge, and needless to say, I've put a huge dent in it. 

C'mon....a girl can't deal with that kind of temptation!

The little 3-tiered dessert stand was one of my recent projects....soon to be available in my "almost-ready-to-open" Etsy store! :) (more on this later)

The adorable baby girl of honour.....Kalli!

Christine and Shannon with little Kalli...

And the beautiful momma :) 
 this little Kalli is a DREAM baby........her mom just lies her down on the floor, to open presents....and she simply falls asleep. On her own. Just lying there.

How come my boys would never do that? 

And here's my gorgeous sister-in-law and cutie-patoutie little nephew Fenton. Isn't he a doll? 

And he gives the best snuggles :)

Kirsty with my little Finny :) 

Me and my boys...

I promise more posts very soon.....I've been working on lots of little projects and I can't wait to share them :)


  1. You girls did a great job putting together a BEAUTIFUL shower! I love all the little details, especially the 3-tiered cupcake stand. Now I'm inspired to find 3 pretty plates and make my own! :-)

  2. what a great gift, a party like this!!! I love the cake, love the painting, the chocolates, the babys, it all!!!:)


  3. Always so much loveliness over here, Tracey. Making me curious to your Etsy shop!

    Have a wonderful new week. xo

  4. What a beautiful shower! Everything looks great! And Kalli is precious. Your boys are adorable too. Glad you had a fun time at your sister's. I too admire single Moms. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. What a gorgeous shower! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve with a soon-to-be esty shop. I sometimes think of doing the same (I love to sew throw pillows - but not brave enough)

    My hubby use to travel 50% of the month and I was alone with three kids for alot - I too admire single moms- it isn't easy!

    I have been checking out your friends blog "Every Little Thing" and might have to check out the Ivory Vintage Market! I see you are involved - maybe your paintings or china re-dos?

  6. So pretty (baby and tulle pom poms)!

  7. Nice your babyshower.....lovely pictures !!!

    I really like your sweeties!!...........and i can't wait till all what you have done lately.........have a happy evening......hugs from Ria

  8. What a 'pretty in pink' little shower!! So sweet, I love the pompoms you made. And the desserts look d'lish!!

  9. Stunning party and baby!! :)

    Love the cake too!!!

  10. what a sweet party, just love the tulle, gorgeous. I've also been making cake stands, so much fun!

  11. so sweet!!! love all the lil bubs they look similar in age how special!

  12. very adorable!! i think you should go into the "throwing parties" business! and your cake plates! lovely...!
    finny is growing up fast.
    he's a little darlin

  13. What a pretty set up! I wanna know what the watermelon-y looking dish is. Looks delish.
    Good luck on your Etsy shop - I think it's a great idea.
    My hubby is gone a lot and we've been away from family for almost 4 years - it's uh - fun. LOL I lost my mind years ago, so thankfully I don't remember. ***pppfffttt*

  14. Looks like a beautiful shower with no detail overlooked! I really love the tulle pom- poms! I'm storing that idea in my memory!
    What great pics of all the sweet babies and beautiful mommas!

  15. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!! Such gorgeous pics and such beautiful babies xx

  16. What gorgeous babies you all have. And great names! Love the cake with the dotty ribbons.

  17. What an absolutely gorgeous baby shower Tracey!! I love the pom-poms and that cake looked amazing!!! Little Kalli is so divine, oh my goodness that pic of her asleep on the floor is adorable! The pic of you and your gorgeous boys is so lovely, they are such sweet little guys! Hope your hubby made it home and you have a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  18. What a beautiful baby shower. How nice to have such a wonderful group of friends! xx

  19. It all looks so cute. I love the photo of Kalli sleeping amoungst the paper.

  20. What a fun baby shower! I love how you incorporated your rose painting into the decor! Everything looked adorable!

  21. Ok so no comparison to my daughters little cupcake tea party- Love those pom poms- trust me i will be giving those a try.I love all that is pink-frilly-girly and over the top... Glad to be in same category as you..
    A New Follower as well

  22. I will have to go back and study more in detail but just blown away by the cuteness of it all. I especially love the cake!

  23. Kalli means a hug in Estonian :) :) Marika from Estonia :)


Thank you so much for your comments! I love reading every single one :)

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