Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Mantel .... two little straw wreaths and a pile of pumpkins

Fall is here....and even though I said I'd never welcome the cooler weather, I'm actually feeling all cozy and warm sitting by the fire.

I'm ready for hot drinks and fall fashion :) 

I'm a sucker for wooly tights and leggings....and boots and scarves....and ponchos. And my sparkly gold flats from Zara. sigh....I could go on.

But for now, instead of draining the bank account for a new fall wardrobe, I decided to invest in a few pumpkins :)

I kept it simple this year.  

(mostly because I'm going to have to take it all down again next week to decorate for Finn's birthday party!)

These are just some plain old branches that were spray-painted orange.

Anyone else enjoying autumn coziness? :)


  1. Awwwwwwwwsome!

  2. Wow, Tracey, your version of simple is quite amazing!! You should see my version of simple. ;) LOL. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. really cute Tracey! I love how you switch up your mantel often. where do you find white pumpkins?!

  4. I like simple too! Your little guy is almost 2? Wow, growing up fast! Is that a rosemary I see in your mantel? Do you bring yours inside for the winter? I have one in a pot and not sure where to put it!

    Have a great weekend, enjoy the sun!


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